Nha Trang is a beautiful place, I was looking forward to beaches, exploring, and more snorkelling. But there was something I had to tackle first, another sleeper train.

The reason I was apprehensive, was because the only experience I'd had on a sleeper train was one I'd been on about a month before in Inida and let's just say it wasn't a very good night's sleep. I am glad I had the experience but it wasn't one I would repeat in a hurry.
But I was so pleasantly surprised with this one, we had our own little cabin with only four of us in and a door that locked, there were clean sheets, even free water. . Plus the toilet wasn't just a hole in the bottom of the train, and I didn't wake up in the morning to find someone had nicked my biscuits. Definitely a nice experience.
Apart from my phone launching itself off my bunk in the middle of the night and smashing. But it was still usable, and I was in a beach town in Vietnam so that wasn't going to get my down.
 Once off the train, at about 7am, we dumped our stuff at the hotel and headed straight for the beach. we had a good few hours before we were allowed to check in so it was a beachfront breakfast before launching myself into the sea. Which I don't have any pictures of, probably because I was distracted and also so tired that I wasn't entierly with it. But I do have videos of the beautiful beach in my vlog down below so check that out for beachy times.
 Next up, it was Pagoda time; Long Son Pagoda. I love visiting temples, especially Buddhist ones. They always make me feel so serene and give me a reminder to just enjoy each moment, which is especially important when travelling. And this Pagoda didn't disappoint, with a beautiful temple and not just one giant Buddha, but two. You could go inside the sitting White Buddha at the back where there was a round room showing a depiction of The Buddha's life, it was all seriously beautiful.
That night I ate my weight in Vietnamese pancakes (they are some of my favourite food in the world) and had an early night in preparation for the next day's adventures.
The next day's adventures involved even more of the sea, something about being in beach towns, no matter where I am in the world, makes me feel like I'm home.
First up, we wen't to one of the busiest little tourist boat ports I've ever seen and headed off to Ho Mun Island, a fishing Island just off the coast. And if you get the chance to visit, take it. It's a beautiful little place.
 Along with our tour of this little island we visited a nursey, and I've never seen kids so excited to see a bunch of tourists in my life. They were really sweet and also fascinated by my GoPro, which meant for some very cute pictures.
And to get off the Island to meet our boat again? These little bucket boats, hand woven and kind of scary to get into But it was a really relaxing ride through all the parked fishing boats. The only picture I have is from my GoPro though because I was kind of terrified of getting my bigger camera out and dropping it into the sea.
Once on our boat and out to sea again it was time to jump off, quite literally. This boat had a roof to climb up onto do you really could jump straight into the sea, think I need a boat like that. There was snorkelling to be done, where I found nemo, and the biggest lunch I've ever eaten on a boat. Ok I haven't eaten many lunches on boats but this was massive, and delicious, and this meal I ate my weight in green beans.
  That night it was time for another sleeper train... but I will save that experience for my next travel post.
 Nha Trang was a dreamy two days, partly because the exhaustion of non stop travel for the last two months was actually starting to it pretty hard. But it was an amazing two days too, Pagoda's, Pancakes, Sea, Village tours, Snorkelling, Jumping off boats. Perfect. If you want to experience all this and more for yourself then check out the tour I went on with G Adventures here.
But that's it for now, come back next Friday to see me in Hoi An, or real life Studio Ghibli movie as I like to call it. Or drop by Tuesday for a little bit of ethical fashion. Until then, have an amazing weekend, I'm getting back to my revision.
Thanks for reading!