1st June - 30th June.
Demanding brands to do better for their garment workers.
In 2018 Primark hit headlines for the fact that it was making Pride clothing in countries where it is illegal to be gay, or where LGBT people have little to no rights. Other brands like H&M and Addidas were also called out for doing the same. Two years on and there's no evidence anything has changed, yet people seem to have largely forgotten about it.

More and more pride is a capitalist endeavour. Big brands keep showing that they care less about genuinely helping vulnerable  LGBTQ+ people and more about the rainbow coin. But they are not treating workers, especially LGBTQ+ workers, in their supply chains properly.

The fashion supply chain is, more often than not, not a good place to work. Workers are underpaid, overworked, subject to harassment in the workplace, and many live under modern day slavery. Plus with 90% of garment workers having no access to unions that also means limited access to making their working lives better and getting paid more, and treated more fairly. Add to this that LGBTQ+  garment workers are making pride merchandise in countries where being proud and open about who they are could lead to discrimination, losing their job, getting put into prison, or even possibly death.

These global fashion giants have the power, resources, and money to be able to change their supply chains for the better and safeguard their workers but they are not. And I think this tells you where their motivation lies with pride merchandise.

And so the campaign "Who Made My Pride Merch?" has begun, a campaign inspired by Fashion Revolution Week and their "Who Made my Clothes?" campaign, this campaign is aimed at calling brands who are making pride merchandise to be more transparent, and ultimately to pay their workers better, make sure they're treated fairly, as well as safeguarding their LGBTQ+ workers.

It's a consumer activist campaign, meaning that anyone can get involved with it. We're directly targeting brands who are bringing out pride merch this year, or have done in the past, asking them "Who Made my Pride Merch?" and demanding more from them.
Download posters and more here

So how can you get involved?
There's a few ways:

  • You can pick a brand, any brand making money off of the rainbow flag and pride this season, and email them, tweet them, write a letter to them, ask them #WhoMadeMyPrideMerch. 
  • Pose with one of our posters and tag brand(s) asking #WhoMadeMyPrideMerch.
  • Wear pride clothing you already own and ask the brand #WhoMadeMyPrideMerch and it if they're protecting their workers this pride month.
  • Show off any merch you own from ethical and sustainable brands and celebrate brands who are doing good things this pride month!
  • Make/upcycle your own pride merch this year, show off your creative endeavours and encourage other people to get creative with clothing they already own. 
  • You can make a point of shopping with small LGBTQ+ owned, and ethical and sustainable business this pride season.
  • Donate money you would have spent on pride merch to an LGBTQ+ charity/fund such as Exist Loudly, Mermaids, Black LGBTQIA+ Charity fund.

Or any other way you can think of! Get creative, just make sure to use #WhoMadeMyPrideMerch when you post and get involved!

Stuck for what to say? Well I have a handy email, and tweet, template below:

Dear [brand],

It's pride month this month and I have noticed you've brought out pieces to celebrate! I think it's wonderful that you're celebrating LGBT+ people this month but I am also concerned about the people in your supply chain.

Three years ago brands made headlines for the fact that their pride merchandise was made in countries with strict anti-LGBT laws. This is extremely concerning, vulnerable LGBT people are making pride collections in countries where just being themselves is extremely dangerous.

So I am asking you #WhoMadeMyPrideMerch? Where is it made? And how are you ensuring that not only are all workers in your supply chain treated fairly and paid right, but are LGBT+ workers being safeguarded too?

Sincierly [name]
[email address]

Hi @brand I've noticed that you've brought out a new collection for pride. It's great you're celebrating LGBT+ people this #PrideMonth but I would like to know Who made your pride merch? #WhoMadeMyPrideMerch 

This campaign is running through the whole of pride month, so 1-30 June and so there's plenty of time and opportunity for you to get involved! Feel free to ask any questions you have below, and Happy Pride to everyone.

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