This post is part of me 'people doing amazing things' series highlighting organisations, businesses and individuals doing things to make the world a better place.
Cooking classes are always something I love doing in a new country, everywhere I go I say "Oh my gosh I love the food here" and have come to the conclusion that I just really really love food. And in cooking classes not only do you always get to eat some amazing food but you learn how to make it at home. Well theoretically, I'm still not the best cook in the world.

 Oodles of Noodles is a project run in STREETS Cafe and Restaurant, Hoi An, which is in turn run by the Planeterra foundation. STREETS is aimed at training out-of-school, orphaned, and disadvantaged young people in Vietnam. It does so by giving students an 18-month training programme in their culinary/hospitality school with daily English classes, general life skills, healthcare, food, housing, and social support. G-Adventures is partnered with STREETS and this is how I ended up attending one of their cooking classes, through a G-Adventures tour I was travelling with, and these classes give a chance for students to practice their English and hospitality skills.

This class is all about learning how to make traditional Vietnamese rice noodles.  First learning about the different types of Vietnamese noodles, all 26 of them, and trying to pronounce them.Then it's on to making your own.
The last part of the class was definitely  the best part, home made Pho with fresh rice noodles. It was even made soya free and vegan for this allergy sufferer.  The best Pho I have ever eaten, super delicious.
The students told some of their stories about life before oodles of Noodles and their connection with Vietnmese noodles, they're incredibly hard working and are taking this chance to get out of poverty, and find a life of their own, which is incredibly inspiring.
There's some video from the class in my Hoi An Vlog below.

STREETS is a seriously good place to eat, but it is recommended to book in advance as they're usually very full. Though with really good food, plus its story, I'm not surprised why. The food in the restaurant isn't the cheapest in Hoi An but it's something I would say is worth paying a little extra for.

Thank you to the students at Oodles of Noodles for a wonderful lesson.

If you want to know anything more about STREETS, or Oodles of Noodles, you an see the Planeterra Foundation page here.