Some things don't go to plan, this outfit set is one of them. I'll be honest I was having the worst morning when I went to take these photos. And then I wasn't excpecting it to be this sunny or for there to actually be people at the beach, and my SD card was full. But I worked with it and in the end actually got some pictures (which I didn't think I'd get when i got there).
I mean just happening to find a wall that matched my shirt was amazing I mean what are the chances? 
I also have no idea what day it is anymore I was all ready to write up and post the blog post for Friday. But I do love not having to worry about the day or the date. I somehow know that I'm working today though despite not knowing either of those things. All I know is that I leave for Uni soon and I'm starting to have stress dreams about it. I'm not that stressed but my brain stress dreams about the slightest difference in my life.
 I had a dream last night that I was done fighting some evil dude (I've been watching too much Tokyo Ghoul), in Hong Kong, and I was trying to book my flight home but first I couldn't get my phone to work and then all the flight were £3000+ and I only had £600. My mum came out to see me in Hong Kong going "tough you're stuck you did this" (which she would never actually do), then I found a trip back through Burma which was only £200 but it was sold out for the next 4 weeks and I woke up having not gotten home at all. And that's really not weird in terms of my dreams. But anyway enough about dreams lets actually get on with the purpose of this post.

Shirt, Jeans and Shoes - Second Hand
It feels really weird going out to do ootd posts again because it's been about 4 months since I last did one. I enjoy it still and want to do more again, especially as this blog is focusing on ethical fashion. And this is probably the most ethical outfit I've ever posted seeing as the top was probably a hand me down from my sister and all the rest was second hand. The Jeans were my most impressive purchase, bought in a Japanese second hand store in Cambodia and costing me a total of $0.50. Yes 50 cent for freaking jeans. I spent like $7 in this store and came out with two bags of clothing I was in heaven.   All of which I had to try and stuff in my bag and carry round for the next month because I'd managed to buy jumpers jackets and jeans all of which are not useful at all for South East Asian heat.
This shirt, however, is one i bought at a car boot sale back in April and I wore it everywhere, all the time. I managed to rip the side which I need to fix but I am so in love with this shirt.
And this was my staple outfit when I got to Hong Kong, but with different boots because these still need to be worn in. Somehow i was used to heat by then and wearing a pair of jeans and a shirt with no breath-ability in 30 degrees was not a problem. I was pretty impressed with myself.
But anyways enough blabbling because I really do need to get ready for work so I will see you guys in Tuesday with the post I was trying to put up today.
Also last week I was off at my sister's catsitting and made a little vlog so check it out

Thanks for reading!