Ok so I've been raving about and posting about ethical fashion for a few months now, but being a student on a budget I've been pretty much shopping ethically by just buying all of my clothes second hand (well most, I haven't been perfect). I do own some ethically made clothing, I recently discovered, but as I wasn't aware of that when I was buying it I don't think it counts; hence why today is my first "Proper" Ethical Purchase!

I'm excited to say I have now have the leggings a lot of the ethical internet world is raving about, for the price of shipping I have a pair of the Girlfriend Collective Leggings!

Shirt - Old 
Cardigan - Cow Vintage (Similar, Similar)
All links to clothing are from ethical/sustainable brands or are vintage/secondhand

For a while Girlfriend collective had a scheme, which they just finished, ahead of launching their SS17 collection where you could buy a pair of their Leggings for just the price of shipping from their factory in Vietnam. I was very excited because it was ethically made clothing within my budget.
But at the same time I was a little bit sceptical, there was so much hype that I thought I would be disappointed, or that this was actually a scam, but it wasn't a scam and I am not disappointed.
So what's so special about these leggings? Well not only are they ethically made in a factory in Vietnam, but they're also 79% recycled water bottles. And as it's predicted there are going to be more pieces of plastic in the sea than fish in a few years time it's great to be using this plastic for something usable!
Ok so I've raved about their ethics and recycling but what you guys probably want to know, especially if you've already heard about all of the above, what are they like?

Honestly they're super comfy: they feel so supportive, especially round the tummy/lower back; they're super high waisted,; and they're really warm, Being made out of recycled waterblottles they feel a little bit like wet suit material, but definitely not in a bad way, they're soft and kind of feel like they're giving my legs a nice supportive hug (is that weird?).

And while they're thick and warm so I could wear them out in winter I also didn't get too hot in them while cartwheeling to try and get these photos, so they're breathable too.
A  lot of pluses, and from someone who for the last 6 months has pretty much lived in leggings. Have I convinced you to give Girlfriend collective a go?

But in all seriousness I am very excited for their SS17 collection after this awesome startup scheme, I can't wait to see what they bring out.
So I'm very happy with my first "proper" ethical purchase, and hopefully will be purchasing more pieces like this from ethical brands in the future. For now I'm still mainly sticking to second hand, and buying less, but I will be sure to let you guys know what other brands I try.
I was also thinking of doing a page on my blog dedicated to ethical brands, with info on price ranges, what makes them ethical, and other stuff like that if that is something you'd be interested in?

Have you made any ethical purchased before? And do you think you'll try any of Girlfriend Collective's SS17 collection? Le me know in the comments.
And no, this post wasn't sponsored by Girlfriend collective, I paid the $30 as part of their startup for them and I am just genuinely really exited about them and about owning my first proper ethical and recycled piece; feels good.
Thanks for reading!