Ah Sihanoukville, just the two days of sun and sea we needed after a tiring two days in Phnom Pehn. A small town in Cambodia and one I definitely reccomend if you're planning a trip out there, I can't imagine anything nicer than spending a day sipping cocktails, eating, soaking up the sand and chilling in the day and then venturing out by boat to snorkel, meet some fish, and visit an island paradise to lie on the beach some more and eat some amazing food.

Yep, heavenly. So enjoy all of these beachy photos. Ah I need some of this right now rather than stressing about end of year exams, but I wil get trhough them, get part of my degree done and then enjoy a long summer whee I'm sure I'll be able to lie on a beach at soome point.

For now, back to this beautiful beach town.

 So day 1 was your basic lying by the beach, lying in the sea, eating a lot and then getting drunk and hugging a corgi for half the night at the beach. A very fun day I must say, then day two was an early start to get on a boat and go snorkelling.
 I'd only been snorkelling once in my life before this, in Corfu, in pretty deep water where I just saw rocks. So this was a magical experience, there were fish and I filmed them eating some bread, almost scraped myself across coral a few times. I love being in water when you can just chill out and watch the fish go by you underneath, oh heavenly.
And then my gopro broke...
 Ok so I was quite sad at first because it's not a cheap piece of kit and I still had three weeks of travelling left to do, but my lovely tour guide was kind enough to lend me hers so not only did I have a go pro to use it was a better one so meant even better quality videos! Kind of a blessing in disguise.
Plus when I got home I took my gopro back to the shop and even though they said it was my fault (damaged when I dropped it at some point) they still have me a new gopro as a gesture of good will, props to gopro.

After the gopro incident we headed off to this beautiful island, it was absolute paradise, no one was there except from a few local people who went there during the day to cater for tourists and some puppies (!!!) who live there. I haven't got any pictures of it in glorious sunshine (to see that you'll have to watch my video, at the end of the post). But as we had just finished our lunch and were chilling out for the last hour or two a storm hit! It was so windy and you could barely see to the island opposite because of how much rain there was it was utterly beautiful.
 So that's Sihanoukville, and the island we visited who's name I can't remember. There aren't as many pictures as I usually have for two days but I honestly think I was enjoying the sun waay too much to be bothered about taking loads of pictures, my video does show a lot of the other stuff I got up to (and features drunk me trying to find their flipflops) so definitely check that out.

This is the last post for Cambodia, next week we're off to Vietnam (well the blog is, I've already been). Exciting stuff, until then have a lovely weekend!
Thanks for reading!