It's the end of fashion revolution week! I know I can't believe it's over, this week has been incredible. I've put a lot of work into these blog posts and videos and really challenged myself, people have gotten involved. It's been awesome, thank you to everyone who has taken part! I hope you have learned something, been inspired!
Today as it is the last day we're looking towards the future and asking ourselves what we want from the future of fashion, what a sustainable and ethical fashion future looks like, and how we get there.
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Today I've prepared a short poem, if you'd call it that, of what I want from the future of fashion. Well some of what I want anyway, so enjoy.

What do I want from the future of fashion?

I don't want fashion that helps a few make billions,
I want fashion that enriches the lives of millions.

No more exploitation and slave labour,
I want kids in schools instead of on factory floors,
I want the people who make our clothes to live happy, comfortable lives,
With people at every stage of manufacturing looked after, cared for.

Let's keep the creativity, the expression, the art
But let's give more people a platform to express
So it's not only the most privileged voices being heard, the richest making all the rules.
I want fashion to tell the stories of diverse voices,
Made for diverse bodies.

Instead of appropriation and exploitation
I want compensation and reparations
I wand a fashion industry that doesn't purge, pillage, and destroy the natural world,
I want fashion that gives back
Fashion who's first aim is not profit, but about who is making the clothes, and how it will affect the earth.

But how do we get there?

Well first I ask those of us with the privilege to chose, to chose slow.
Step away from the bright colours and enticing deals of fast fashion
Sustainable and ethical clothing cannot be made that cheap.
Learn to be slower in your buying habits, more conscious with what you buy

When you pick up a new piece of clothing, imagine all the ways you'll wear it
How much you'll love it and cherish it for years to come.
And if you can't? Put it back

Support the small businesses, working hard to feed their families,
And brands doing the right thing, putting people and the environment first
That make clothes for diverse bodies, using models with diverse faces
That look after every person in their supply chain, giving back to communities and the earth

Learn to repair your clothes, show them you love them, make them last
Shop second hand, give old clothes new life!
Textiles don't belong in landfill

And when you're done with a piece, find a way to give it, or sell it onto someone who will love it for years to come.

Demand transparency and change from the industry
Call on brands to do better, call out their wrong doings
And stand behind garment workers and farmers striking
Stand up for those risking it all for better treatment, better pay, their rights

Talk to your government, help change laws
Get rid of the loopholes, the gaps in the system
Make it illegal for fashion to carry on like it does

Because when enough people come together to demand change, change will come

We are the Fashion Revolution

So that's the end of fashion revolution week! As I said above I hope you've enjoyed it, gotten involved, learned something. There's still time if you haven't gotten involved to keep doing so in the future! Fashion revolution have a lot of resources to help you keep it going. You can also subscribe to this blog to keep up do date with what I'm posting, I will keep posting about sustainable living, ethical fashion, environmentalism and all that jazzy stuff.

If you've just stumbled across this blog post and are confused about all this fashion revolution stuff then all the week's blog posts are linked below.

Thank you again everyone involved! I will see you next week.
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