Welcome to day three of fashion revolution week it's #FashionFix and today I'm showing you all of the different ways you can learn to fix your clothes!

A lot of us are in isolation at the moment and a fair few of us have some extra time on our hands, so if you're looking for something to do with that time? Well look no further than this guide on how to fix your clothes. So many people end up donating or trowing away clothes that have such an easy fix so whether you want to learn to sew a button on a shirt, patch up a pair of ripped jeans, or darn the hole in your favourite socks this one is for you.

It can be a mine field trying to find what you want on youtube or blogs, so I've taken the difficult part out and have found a load for you!

I've made sure to have a mix of difficulties and resources, some of these need a sewing machine, some just a needle and thread, and others are sewing free! Also check out the video for today where I fix some of my own clothes to give you a bit of inspiration. Most of the posts are also videos but there are blog posts sprinkles throughout too! I personally just find youtube videos easier to follow a lot of the time so that's the resources I've pulled from, oh and they're mostly beginner friendly too!

Want to get involved today? Well share your fixes (past and present) and share them with #fashionfix, also tag me @muccycloud so I can see your amazing fixes and give them love!

Basic Fixes
Lots of these are easy fixes that someone with no sewing experience could master pretty easily. If you've just got a rip in your favourite shirt, a button has fallen off, anything like that.

Basic Hand Sewing
Hand sewing is a really valuable skill in fixing, where you often can't use a sewing machine. Plus it means you can learn to sew without having to have access to a sewing machine too! I've added some extra quirky bits for more ambitious sewing projects like couture and historical sewing.

Expanding, adding, altering.
Sometimes clothes are lovely but they're not quite right, whether you want to add pockets to your favourite dress,  an extra button to that shirt that gapes, or you want to take in or expand your favourite piece, this bit is for you!

Visible mending
Visible mending is one of my favourite forms of fixing! I love that by visibly mending a product you can enhance a piece of clothing that's broken and make it into something new and unique! Definitely a really great mending style for creatives.

Upcycling and more
Upcycling is also an amazing way to bring new life to old clothes, by taking them and making them into something new! You can turn basics into fashion pieces, and take pieces you never wear and make them into something you really love.

And that's it! Should be enough to get you started, if you have any amazing tutorials you have seen then share them so I can add them to this list! And in the video below you can see some fixing I did for today.
Happy fixing my friends! May you love your clothes for many years to come and keep fixing them even when they rip!

Want to get involved today? Well share your fixes (past and present) and share them with #fashionfix, also tag me @muccycloud so I can see your amazing fixes and give them love!
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