Today is day five of fashion revolution week and I am going to tell you a clothing love story, it's #LovedClothesLast day my friends.

The idea of telling fashion love stories is that we are appreciating our clothes. The ultimate sustainable wardrobe is one that is full of clothes you love and will wear again and again and again. These clothes are more likely to get fixed and taken care of and used, than just sitting at the back of your wardrobe or given to charity a couple of months after buying.

So today I'm telling you a story of my love for my dungarees

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Dear my denim dungarees,

Before I met you I'd tried on countless pairs of dungarees in vintage shops across the world, they were always too big, too long, too baggy, or just not something I wanted to pay £60. And then, like fate you were there in the cupboard under my stairs, waiting for me. You weren't sent to a charity shop or given away you were just... there. Ready to be found by me.

I didn't think I'd love wearing you this much. Once owned by my sister you're definitely not the best fitting, or most flattering piece of clothing that I own but somehow that doesn't make me love you any less. You're comfortable, you're practical and I've worn you more times than I can count.

I have so many happy memories wearing you. You've seen me though summer get togethers, countless lectures, family dinners, all across the world, I  even handed in my undergraduate dissertation wearing you and still I keep reaching for you.

I can wear pretty much anything I want under you, I have outfits like "The Minion", "Bob The Builder" and many, many more. You're a versatile piece for any time of the year (maybe not too cold, you're not that thick).
The legs seem to be getting shorter and shorter, not sure if I'm growing somehow at 22 or you're shrinking? But I will still keep wearing you until you fit no longer.

My Nan wants to steal you, so maybe one day I will find a pair of dungarees to replace you and give you to her to wear, you'll get lots of wear down the allotment, and making quilts there, it'll be a good time.

But until that day you will be continually worn by me. Day after day after day. I'm sure I will wear you for many years to come, at many events to come. I look forward to all the memories I will have with you, just as I look back fondly on the memories I've already made.

Even if you don't flatter my curves that much I can wear you anywhere and with pretty much anything. So thank you dungarees for seeing my through a lot of my life, and I hope you see me through even more.

And that is that for my little love letter to my dungarees. It was quite hard picking one piece of clothing from my wardrobe to write a love letter to as I have so many I love but I'm glad I picked my dungarees.

Want to tell your own love story? Go for it! Share your own clothing love story, on your blog, youtube, or social media and add the hashtag #LovedClothesLast and also tag me @muccycloud so I can see them and share them!
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