Next Week is fashion Revolution Week, a yearly event that calls on fashion brands for more transparency, and for systematic change in the industry.

I, like many other people, had in person events planned for the week but those aren't able to happen anymore so Fashion revolution has come online. Here on The Quirky Environmentalist we have a week long campaign and social media challenge. With a different theme each day from me you will get a blog post, video, and social media content every single day, there will be other bloggers and influencers posting for the week too, and ways for you to get involved each day.

Come and join the fashion revolution

Themes are as follows:
Monday #FashionRevolutionWeek
Why do we need a Fashion Revolution? On Monday we ask what's wrong with the fashion industry as it is and why it needs to change.

Share some facts, talk about the impact of fashion on people and the environment, share the history of fashion revolution week. Anything that explains why we're doing this!

Tuesday: #WhoMadeMyClothes

Today we're asking brands "Who Made My Clothes?" by holding up signs from fashion revolutions website, showing the label of our clothes and directly asking a brand who is making their clothes. You can also email a brand directly.

Wednesday #FashionFix
Wednesday is all about clothing repair, so share your repair work, old or new. Or talk about clothes that might need a fix! I'll have a guide on how to get started on fixing your wardrobe too!

Thursday #LovedClothesLast

Tell a clothing love story today, talk about a piece that makes your heart melt! Because loved clothes really do last, and curating a wardrobe you absolutely love is sure to mean you have one that lasts.

Friday #FRWDigitalStrike
On Friday we're joining the Climate strike online to strike for fashion revolution week and talk about the environmental impacts of the fashion industry. Make a protest sign and get involved in some digital activism.

Saturday #WhatsInMyClothes
Labels tell us worryingly little about what's actually in our clothes, so ask a brand what is in their clothes? Look at a clothing label, see what it does tell you, and wonder what it doesn't

Sunday: #FashionRevolution Future
On the last day of fashion revolution week we look at what we want the future of fashion revolution to look like, and what changes companies need to make to get there.Share your hope for the future of fashion.
Oh and I'm also talking on panels in the conference Ethical Brands for Fashion Revolution, which you can still buy tickets for if you want even more fashion revolution week content and to hear from sustainable brands themselves!

So use the hashtags on social media and get involved! You can also tag @muccycloud to have your posts shared and showered with love! I'll see you there :)

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