18, finally! I mean it's about time I'm the last of my friends and the last of my school year.
Right now hopefully I'm partying it up in Greenman having a real good time. if I get any 3G signal I will be posting on my instagram so check that out for updates. It couldn't have been on a more ideal day, the Saturday of a festival I mean come on.
Wasn't sure what to do as a post for this but I thought I should commemorate it somehow so I just edited a photo. Which is a preview from an upcoming ootd (my second outfit for pride) and it means you guys can see my very purple hair (there is a video coming up about that too). So yeah, Happy freaking Birthday to me.
It's been a long wait but I think the year of being 18 is going to be a pretty good one, so I look forward to it.
I hope all of you lot are having a great weekend. Of course there will be a blog post and video from greenman so see you on the flipside!
Thanks for reading,