Hey hey guys. This is the first of my two outfits from Cardiff pride (Pride Cymru) which the lovely Anna took cause they're a babe. This was the one i wore during the day to the main pride event and I think it was a good choice. Also you get to see me with my full purple hair (which has faded really weirdly now and I need to re dye).
it was such a lovely day and I wish more LGBT events were held like that, though there's a youth conference on soon which I think I'll probably go to. It's nice to have an LGBT event/space which isn't just for over 18s and involving alcohol. That being said there are quite a lot of groups in Cardiff which I probably should join, I mean I need to make some new friends soon anyway as all of my school friends (well most) are off to uni in a couple of weeks, sad times.
As I mentioned before I spent a lot of money on badges and flags and stuff, most of which I'm wearing in these photos.
You can see my ootn from the after pary here and my photo diary here.

 Shirt - LGSM// Dungarees - Vintage// Flower Crown - Topshop//
Wearing my LGSM shirt as usual, it's so cosy and pretty I love it.
Contemplating getting my hair cut into a bob and then getting in professionally bleached so the purple will actually stay in all of my hair. I don't know, I've had long hair for more than a year now and it's time for another change.
Oh I will have a video about my hair, how I did it, how it's fading and so on, soon so watch out for that. It'll be the first video on my main channel.
Also to come on here is my second outfit from Pride and also my Greenman photo and video diary. Lots to fit in and schedule before I go to Paris next Friday!Exciting times. Plus I'm planning to buy my domain name soon. I have so much to do and I never seem to have the time to do it. I guess that's my fault for spending most of my free time playing sims, really.
Hope you're all having a lovely week, see you in a few days.
Thanks for reading!