Hello lovely people. Today I'm here with something different, an event photo diary.  Also including bits from the pulse afterparty. Some of the photos aren't my best ever (and the vlog definitely isn't) but as a first for this sort of thing I don't think it's too bad. And either way I had an amazing day.
I haven't got many pictures of the parade, partly because Anna and I arrived in Cardiff a bit late and also because once we actually found the parade we ended up being part of it. We were wearing out LGSM t shirts and those of LGSM marching just went "yeah come join us" and that was super surreal.
I bought so much stuff., and then lost two badges which I'm still annoyed about. Also if you're wondering why I've included a random picture of some chips it's because they're honestly the best chips I've ever tasted in my life, no lie.
Also I now have all the free pens I need for a while I think.
I also now have an ootd and ootn post up.

The after party was also amazing, though on the ride pictured above I did think I was going to die at one point in it slightly. Oops... And though I was supposed to get home and be in bed before 3 so I was nice and awake (well more or less) for work today I ended up at home at quater past 4... ooops
Just like now I planned to go to bed two hours ago, I get carried away editing. I enjoy it too much, is that sad? 

I think with my vlogs I'm learning more what not to do. And I think because this was a one day event and because I was feeling ridiculously shy yesterday I got barely any footage, so I worked with what I had. I think I know what I need for the next one though. It's all about improvement after all.
Also it's my Birthday this Saturday! I will be in Greenman but I hope to be able to have a post scheduled even if it's just like on photo with "Happy Birthday me" on it or something. I'm very excited though.
I also have two different outfits from pride coming up so that'll be coming soon. Hope you all have a great week!
Thanks for reading!