So we've all seen the news in the UK by now, the Conservatives have the biggest majority since Thatcher. And if the last nine years are anything to go from the next five years will be tough, deadly for some, austerity has been blamed on 130,000 deaths in the UK in the last nine years. Not only this but our leader is a racist, has historically voted against progressive LGBT policies, and has called working class people stupid on multiple occasions.

I'll admit I was naively hopeful for the future before the election but my dreams have been shattered and so many people, people I really look up to, are despairing over this news and are scared and I understand that. But I can't give into that, I want to use this anger and frustration and channel it into something positive. Into making and demanding change.

The Conservative government have shown their true colours many times before. They don't care about the poor, working class, disabled, the NHS, LGBT, refugees, POC, Muslims, or many other people apart from the rich and the white. And now with a huge majority they have a mandate to do pretty much whatever they want without too much power to stop them. Which means more than ever we need to band together and do what the government will not, look after each other.

Join a Local Community Group
Whatever group you find interesting, go and join! A lot of local community groups already really struggle for the funding and resources they need to continue, but the more people that are engaged and helping the more likely they are to be able to stay open. These groups are a lifeline for a lot of people and really help to bring people together. So go out and get involved, meet local people, and find more ways you can help out in your local community.

These can be community gardens, arts groups, kids clubs, sports clubs, and so much more.

If there aren't any community groups with your interests then why not start one? Create a community in your local area.

More than ever, charities fighting for people and the environment need our help, and people need them. Whether you're volunteering at your local animal charity, helping out at a soup kitchen, or at your local sports club, if you have the time then give it!

Getting out in nature tree planting, working with children and getting some good experience for a future career, or organising big community events. Volunteering can also be really experience for the future. When I was back in Nottingham I volunteered to organise Nottingham Green Fest which was not only rewarding when we put the festival on but it also meant I met local people with similar interests and found a real love for, and connection to, my local community.

Whether it's a monthly monetary donation, giving food to your local food bank, or giving sanitary products to your local women's or homeless charity, donations really do make a difference. I especially emphasise this point if you earn in the higher wage brackets and don't have time to give, donate some money to help those around you.

If you work in the service industry you can also work to get your employers donating food and unwanted stock, so it doesn't end up in the bin.

Vote with your wallet
You don't just have to donate your money to make a difference, this is about where you chose to shop. Choosing to spend money at businesses that are sustainable and ethical helps to shape the world. So support brands genuinely doing their bit to help the environment and treating their workers well. As well as brands that are fighting for people's rights and who have diverse advertising and work forces. Support black and poc owned businesses, and boycott those just not doing enough.

That includes in the UK too, apps like CoGo allow you to see how much of your money is being spent at living wage employers! So you can better support the living wage.

This last year seems to be one of action and protest. For the environment, the NHS, against trump. I am happy to say I was involved in a fair few of these but we gotta keep going. If the NHS is going down then I will not let it without a fight, get out in the streets and protest, sign petitions online, help people make banners and signs, do whatever you can to make your voice heard. Fight for the rights of your trans brothers and sisters, for refugees, immigrants, disabled people, and minority groups. Protest for workers rights. Continue to fight for the environment but make this intersectional and inclusive.

If you have privilege, then use it for good! Give marginalised voices a platform and give them space to speak and be heard.

Stand up for people
Our government's leader has shown that racial and islamaphobic abuse is perfectly acceptable and at times like this it is likely to be on the rise. If you see someone in public who is being verbally or physically abused, stand up for them. If you feel unsafe doing that at least try and make sure they are safe after the attack, offer to take them to where they need to do, offer words of comfort. Do something.

So many times in these situations people stand around and do absolutely nothing, and it makes the world an incredibly unsafe place for women, trans people, and minority groups, especially those who are POC or muslim. So please stand up for people in public spaces.

Join a workers union
When we leave the EU, the conservatives are looking at getting rid of a lot of workers rights, and so it's in your best interest to join your local workers union to make sure you keep getting treated and paid fairly. The likes of Jacob Rees-Mogg may think that they create the wealth for the workers but without the workers billionaires would not have their wealth. No doubt the Tories will be coming for the unions, so support them.

Hold your employers accountable, no one working a full time job should be in poverty, and people deserve decent working conditions, so support those who are taking action too. Join your union, picket, support.
Campaign for Proportional representation
The political system in this country is not very democratic for a democracy, you only have to look at the number of votes per seat to work that one out. The conservatives received 44% of the vote but 56% of seats... and while they only needed 38,000 votes for one seat, and the SNP only needed 22,000, the greens needed over 800,000 votes for their one seat. This system needs changing if we're going to see any real political change in the future.

I also, as an aside, have hope the future as if it was just 18-24 year olds we would have 600 labour seats.

Hold the Media Accountable
This election campaign has been rife with biased news, and misleading campaigns. It's clearer more than ever that there are an awful lot of vested interests in the media (especially news papers), and we all know the internet is full of warped statistics and crappy journalism. So now more than ever it is important to second guess what you read, fact check articles, and hold media and journalists accountable. Yes, that also includes my little corner of the internet.

Look After Yourself
Always the greatest advice I've been given is to look after yourself first. Not in a horribly selfish way, I don't think I'm better than everyone else, but without looking after yourself you cannot effectively help and look after others.

So take breaks when you need to and make sure you're kind to yourself. It can be really easy to get caught up in trying to help others and putting other people's needs first but you really have to look after number one. Recharge, find things that make you happy and help you get away from it all, and then come back fighting, fighting for a better world.
Individual action may not seem like much, but when people come together to look after each other and try to make a better world we can make a difference. I am very sad that hostility and hate seems to have won in this election but I really refuse to give up. Do you have any other suggestions?