Christmas is just around the corner and that means the ads telling you to buy buy buy are already shouting in your face! Consumer culture is especially visible this time of year when everyone is in a hurry to find gifts for all their loved ones. However, for those of you who want to be a little more eco conscious this year I've put together this huuge list of Sustainable and Ethical gifts for you to look at and maybe buy from! I hope it inspires you to waste less this Christmas, and remember that often less is more, you don't need to buy people's affection!

All gifts have been picked because of the sustainable and ethical brands they come from! Happy gifting!

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First things first, here are some ideas of the types of gifts you can get people that don't involve an awful lot of stuff, and gifts that aren't just going to end up gathering dust on a shelf after Christmas. There are so many things out there that don't involve copious amounts of plastic, waste, or even an awful lot of money.

Whether this is tickets to their favourite shop or classes for a skill they've always wanted to learn giving the gift of an experience doesn't require copious amounts of plastic or stuff that's never going to be used again. Experiences can be super personalised and also mean that someone can gain a new skill or have a once in a lifetime day instead of just getting more stuff!

 Charity donations
Charity donations are great to give to people who already have anything they could ever need. Donating money to charity instead of buying pointless gifts means that you can help someone else have a wonderful Christmas, or help charities trying to protect the natural world. This year my sister is giving all the money she would've spend on our family to charity which I think is an amazing idea. It's a really good way of supporting a cause that you or your loved ones love and not buying anything uneccessary. You can:

 Handmade / D.I.Y gifts

Give someone something you've made with love, and also something where you know exactly what has gone into the product. D.I.Y gifts are a good idea if you're on a budget but have some time on your hands, or want to get something extra special for a loved one. Putting your love and effort into a gift means it'll be cherished. Or if you have a crafty loved one you can get kits where people can make their own items and give someone the gift of a new skill as well their new items.

 Shop Second hand
Giving someone something pre-loved is often cheaper than buying things brand new, and gives items a second life! Not only are you saving them from landfill but you're also saving resources and energy needed for a new gift. If your loved ones might be a bit iffy about second hand gifts, remember you can find like new or brand new items in second hand or charity stores that are either deadstock or were donated before they were used. Shopping at charity shops means cheap gifts while also giving to charity! You can also upcyle gifts to mix handmade with second hand. If you want to find the best ways to shop second hand then check out my 6 Best Ways to Shop Second Hand. P.S I love that angry duck, a pate dish, amazing!

 Practical gifts
This is probably the most sustainable way to do Christmas, and covers a lot of different gits, giving people things they will actually use! From zero waste starter kits, to veg box subscriptions, or a new appliance. Giving stuff that is practical means that stuff you give them isn't going to go straight to the charity shop or gather dust in a cupboard. I've featured a lot of zero waste gifts here to help you or your loved ones to waste less this Christmas and beyond!


The journey to a lot of people's hearts (including mine) is through their stomachs. I love getting a good vegan hamper for Christmas. I get to find lots of new snacks and I know the gift will get used! Even if there's snacks I don't like in the gift my friends will always take one. Of course soap and candles and lots of other things count as consumables but I just want to share beautiful vegan food here...

Now that we're done with my general tips on gift ideas here are lots more gifts for you to look into! From gifts for kids to sustainable jewellery, beauty, and more!

Waste free gifts for children

Eco Play Dough, £14.49 for 6 colours
My recommendations for children's gifts, second hand, plastic free, built to last. Of course it doesn't have to be all three of these but a lot of kids toys seem to be made with cheap plastic, used at Christmas and often end up broken, and then put in the bin or donated straight to charity shops. If you're buying a gift for a child this Christmas then consider shopping second hand! It's cheaper and more sustainable.

Sustainable Beauty Gifts

We probably all know a beauty lover, and beauty products definitely often come with a lot of waste, but they don't have to. I have also written a guide to 24 Zero Waste and Sustainable Makeup Brands which is perfect for the beauty lover in your life.

Quirky Gifts

Would I be The Quriky Queer if I didn't share some quirky gifts?

Sustainable Fashion
I have countless posts on Sustainable Fashion you may find helpful, but here's a few gifts for the fashion lover in your life. Gift vouchers for a beautiful sustainable brand can also work here too.

Sustainable Gifts for Him

Rad Dad Mug, £9.95+

Who said sustainability had to be feminine or girly?
Sustainable Jewellery
Jewellery is another one that can be really iffy both sustainably and ethically, but luckily there are lots of companies out there taking recycling to the next level, and small brands hand making jewellery from sustainable materials.
Christmas specific gifts

We all love a good Christmas jumper, or Christmas pyjamas, they're a tradition and staple in a lot of families! Treat yourself without it costing the earth.

Oh and below I have a video talking about different types of gifts you can get this Christmas to try and be waste free! Easily shareable to all your pals (wink wink, nudge, nudge)

Good luck with your gift giving endeavours! I hope you have a Christmas that is as waste free as you can and keep an eye out for the rest of my Christmas series coming soon!
Looking to wrap your gifts in a sustainable way too?

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