Formerly The Quirky Queer
Hello Everyone! Just a small update post here to say that the title of this website has changed! I still love, and identify with, The Quirky Queer. I do love going to events and people just coming up to me and saying "The Quirky Queer?" as if it's my title, but I don't think it describes what I do here very well. My mother put it very well saying I sound more like a drag act than a sustainable blogger (though I could be both!). I want people to stumble across this little corner of the internet and know straight from the off what's going on, and this site was already at the top of search engines when you searched for The Quirky Environmentalist anyway; so it feels it's meant to be.

So Welcome to The Quirky Environmentalist.

Still doing what I do on this corner of the internet; now coming at you from Cardiff. In the coming months I have lots of exciting content including:

  • How Food Waste is Turned into Electricity
  • Zero Waste Christmas Wrapping
  • Eco Packaging for small businesses
  • What the UK Environment Bill means and why it is so important
  • How to Marie Kondo your life more sustainably
  • and a lot more...
You may also have noticed if you've tuned in recently that I've gotten into the world of youtube and video content. I'm definitely very new at this but is something I'm enjoying exploring so stay tuned on my YouTube channel for more!

Also I want to know what all of you lovely people want to read! I want to be as helpful and informative to my viewers as possible and so I want to know what you want to know about! Let me know what you're struggling with, what you want to know more about, what you enjoy! Whether that's in comments, my email, on my twitter, instagram, facebook. Let's build a little Quirky Environmentalist community!