In the last few weeks, both online and in person, I've had quite a few people asking me about zero waste makeup options. It's an area I haven't really research into massively before and so I thought I may as well have a good look into it.
24 Zero Waste and Sustainable Makeup Brands

I currently own about two makeup products that are actually zero waste and so this list is as much for me as it is for you wonderful people. And to clarify, because different blogs have different criteria, the brands in this post are all:
  • Cruelty Free
  • Vegan (Or at least with mostly vegan products)
  • Sustainable / Zero Waste / Refillable Packaging
  • Ethically Made
These brands all have slightly different reasons for being on this list, and they're definitely not perfect but it's a start. A lot of places only do really muted natural tones, which I get, but I also want to go out with bright blue eyeliner and purple lipstick on! I've chosen not to include brands which don't have foundation ranges catering to dark skin too because its 2019 and brands really should be at least trying with their shade ranges.

I've also tried to find as many brands as I can that have stockists in the UK as most of my readers are based in the UK (and I am also) and buying locally is better for the environemnt! But if you're from elsewhere there will be stuff for you here too.

Fat and the moon are a US brand selling hand crafted herbal body products and zero waste makeup. They only use reusable or recyclable containers and sell a range of makeup products from cheek stains to eyeliners. Their brand is based on healing and self care and so they also sell first aid items for those looking for natural remedies to bites and burns. Plus dry shampoo, deodorant and more!

They are based in the US but are stocked in the Uk by Peace With The Wild, Live in the Light, and Goods Shop.

Zao Costmetics
Zao cosmetics are the only zero waste brand I have tried so far as part of The Natural Beauty Box's Plastic Free July Box last year. Most of Zao's products are packaged in bamboo and all have refillable options. They have a big range of everything you could need, but they don't have many bright and vibrant eyeshadows or lip colours (it's all very natural) but they have a wide shade range in their foundation. They have one of the biggest cosmetics ranges of any eco beauty brand in the UK.

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You can view their US website here.

Elate Beauty
The packaging of this brand's cosmetics Reminds me of Zao's, the bamboo packaging with magnetic refills, and all of their refills sold in compostable packaging. They're a Canadian based company selling a range of makeup products, and taken directly from their website they are clean, gluten free, made in Canada with sustainable packaging and values and ethical practices. They have a reasonable shade range, but with only 6 shades it could do with expanding. Their colour range in lips and eyes isn't ridiculously exciting but if you're into the natural look then you'll definitely enjoy them. Oh and their perfectly imperfect range sells off products that have tiny imperfections at cheaper prices so that nothing goes to waste!

Sadly I couldn't find a UK stockist for these guys.

Kamilla Kosmetics
A small Uk based brand selling via Esty, Kamillia Kosmetics do a range of vegan lip balms, bb creams, mascara and more. All sold in metal tins or glass bottles these products are hand made, I believe by the brand's owner. Support a small business by shopping here.

Kjaer Weiss 
Ecological and health conscious makeup, US brand Kjaer Weiss products are built to last. They offer high end refillable makeup and have a full ingredients list on their website so you know exactly what you're putting on your face. Shipped from either the US or Denmark, depending on your location. here in the UK. They have a 16 shade foundation range and some pretty cool eye pencil colours! I would consider Khaer Weiss as a luxury brand though and so their makeup is not cheap, but if you're into high end makeup and are looking to go zero waste, they may be the brand for you.

They're stocked by Glow Organic, Naturismo, Content, and Cult Beauty here in the UK.

Clean Faced Cosmetics 
One of the reasons I picked this US based hand made brands for the list is because they have yellow eye shadow! As well as blue gray mascara, and blue lip tint. I am a sucker for colour! Clean faced cosmetics are another small beauty brand based on Etsy who smell a small range of foundation, bronzers, eyeshadow, mascara and more! It's all packaged in zero waste packaging such as glass bottles and metal tins. The store owner also offers help for those using her new beauty products for the first time, so you're not left wondering what to do if you've never used products like this before.

Ere Perez
Ere Perez is an Australian natural cosmetics company, they're cruelty-free ethically produced and do refillable products. The thing that stands out to me is their oat milk foundation, I mean I love oat milk so yes I probably would also like to put it on my face thank you. Sadly their shade range is definitely lacking though.

In the Uk they're stocked at Glow Organic, Content Beauty & Wellbeing and Naturismo

A good colour range, yay! I got so excited when I saw their lipstick range, this is what I'm after in a brand. Axiology are a Lipstick brand who claim to be 100% evil free, the most ethical lipstick on the planet. Yes please!  They have quite a cool range of colours and . Oh and they're gluten and soy free, yes for allergy prone babes! Their lipstick packaging are cardboard boxes and aluminium tubes which makes them 100% recyclable, but sadly their crayons are not.

In the Uk they're stocked online at Glow Organic and in store at Linnaen in London. They also have stockists all over the world so search for your country here.

Dab Herb Makeup 
A US based brand, Dab Herb Makeup sell organic, plant based and Handmade cosmetics. They have the cutest zero waste packaging and as all thier ingredients are food grade they're also edbile. You might not want to eat your makeup but here ya can!

Dirty Hippie Cosmetics 
An Australian brand selling on etsy. They're on a break right now so I will update this when they're back.

Keeping it Natural

US based store Keeping it Natural sells a range of natural mascaras and lip products on etsy. They're all sold in reusable metal tins and handmade in Ohio and have the coolest of colour ranges!

Pure Anada
Pure Anada are a Canadian based natural cosmetic brand with a huge range. They have refillable options for a lot of their products, an ethical supply chain with Canadian made products, and they're cruelty-free with a majority vegan range. Some of the colours for their eyeshadows are just amazing!

In the Uk they're sold at Live in the Light. They're also available on Etsy.

Tin Feather Cosmetics 
Tin feather cosmetics are another Canadian Based brand they have a range of natural vegan lip products. Their lip balms come in metal tins and all products are designed by a professional MUA. In the UK they're stocked by Live in the Light.

100% Pure
100% pure is what it says on the tin, using natural ingredients and avoiding conventionally used dyes and colorants with makeup pigmented with fruit! They're also 100% cruelty free, and vegan with sustainability at their heart. They have a large range of makeup, with an 18 shade range foundation, lots of cute nail-varnish shades and some awesome cheek products too. Though they're a sustainable brand I am not sure about their packaging,
They're a US based brand but are stocked in the UK in Ecco Verde, and Naturismo.

Vapour is another US based luxury sustainable beauty brand, Their packaging and marketing is incredibly sleek. They're also refreshingly transparent with everything from their indredients, to their environmental impact and their packaging journey readily available on their website. They're a female led business, . They currently source 50% of their electricity from renewable sources and are aiming for 100% solar by 2022 and have waterless lip products. It's pretty impressive.  With a 19 shade range foundation their complexion range is pretty inclusive.  Their packaging is made from recycled materials and they reward their customers for sending empties back to them to be recycled.

In the Uk they're stocked by Naturisimo, and Alyaka.

A US brand, RMS make clean cosmetics from food grade ingredients so they're not only safe, but nourishing to the skin, All Packaging is minimal, reusable or recyclable and a lot of their products come in glass bottles so they're pretty zero waste! With a range of 16 foundation shades and a good load of other makeup too!

Available in the Uk From Goods Shop, Content Beauty & wellbeing.

Besame Cosmetics
A vintage beauty lovers dream, their packaging is beautiful! They recreate shades and packaging from vintage makeup, as well as having fairy tale inspired collections. All of their collections are made locally in California and work hard to provide cruelty free, earth friendly and zero waste products. All of their face products are vegan but their mascaras and lipsticks contain beeswax (ethically sourced)

In the Uk they're stocked by Voodoo Vixen, and they have their own European website.

Bleach London
You may know these guys from hair products, I've used them, but that's not all they do!  They're come a long way sustainably in the last year or two including taking single use packaging out of their hair dye kits. I bought some of their eyeshadows from TK Maxx a while ago and I really like them. The colours are incredible! I would recommend buying their individual eyeshadow pans and making your own lil makeup palette to save waste (this is my next plan). They make a lot of their makeup packaging from recycled cardboard,  and are committed to becoming carbon neutral by 2020. I'm honestly so glad they're becoming more sustainable because they're my kind of brand! Now I'm just waiting for them to develop packaging free hair dye bars and start offering refillable shampoo and conditioners and they'll be my favourite brand. They're also based here in the UK and available in a lot of stores so they're nice n accessible!

Aether Beauty
Aether Beauty pride themselves on banning over 1400 ingredients from their cosmetics, giving you super charged vegan beauty. Their packaging is 100% recyclable and made using recycled materials. They have a range of beautiful eyeshadow pallets and sell all over the world.

In the Uk they can be bought at Feel unique and Scentstore which also has a physical store in Cornwall.

Au Naturale
They have a decent 15 shade foundation range, and a huge range of colours in the eye, lip, and cheek collections; they're right up my street. I don't know much about their packaging but have seen them featured in a lot of Zero Waste makeup sections on other websites and so that's a good sign. Theyre vega, cruelty-free, made in the US and always update their products so they're the cleanest and greenest on the market. Sounds good to me.

Nudi Goods
Nudi goods are a plastic free, minimal ingredient beauty brand based in California. They have a small but impressive looking range of zero waste makeup items, made by a very small team! Vote with your wallet for eco friendly products and to support a small business

A lot of the brands featured already have their own brush collections, but there are also a few eco brush brands I thought I would highlight!

Flawless Brushes
These are another brand on this list that I have actually tried. UK brand Flawless Brushes sell professionally made, cruelty-free brushes with bamboo handles and recycled aluminium ferrules. They're brushed designed to last and from my experience, they're good! Oh and flawless also sell eco glitters for all of your glittery dreams.

So Eco
So eco are an all round eco brush company that do everything from makeup brushes, to nail brushes and loofahs! Their handles are made from bamboo, ferrules made of recycled aluminium, brush heads made of cruelty-free talkon bristles. All their packaging is sustainable or bio-degradable printed with vegetable inks, with compostable corn starch windows and water based adhesives!
They don't have their own website but are available at Eco Beauty Crew and Soinvogue.

So that's it for now! I kept finding more and more brands, but there is more than a fair bit of green washing in this industry so I had to be somewhat selective. Honestly as much as I do like the brands I have featured (otherwise I would not have featured them) I really do want more zero waste beauty brands selling the zaniest colours to come out! I'm all for the natural beauty look but I need me some rainbows in my life, so if you know of any then please let me know! And update your shade ranges brands! So many brands only did 7 shades for lighter skin which is not what we are about. I feel like that's what the sustainable beauty world seems to be lacking. Also more zero waste beauty brands in the UK and Europe please! America and Canada seem to have them all...

I hope this post has been helpful to some of you out there, and I will definitely be replacing my beauty products with zero waste and sustainable brands in the future, there's quite a lot out there.

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