I graduated back in July, and if you know me you'll probably have known that my plan after graduating was to stay in Nottingham, work part time and blog the other part of the time. But this plan didn't quite work out... and now I am moving back home because it makes the most sense for me.

I am super sad to be leaving Nottingham though, as much as I think it's the right decision for me to leave there are so many people that I love here. Nottingham is a place where I really learnt how to be myself, and love myself, and a huge part of that is the people that I've come to meet. I'm sad to say goodbye to all the gals from burlesque, and to some of my absolute best friends, almost all of my friends are now in Nottingham and I definitely got used to just being able to turn up at their houses or go to the pub with them when I was feeling lonely. But I had to find a whole new group of friends in my third year of universtity and I managed that so I'm sure I can do it again.

I've become yet another Millenial who has moved back in with their parents because they can't afford "adult life" and part of that does make me feel like I've failed somehow, I was so determined to stay in Nottingham after having one of the best years of my life in my third year of uni, I was clinging so hard to that happiness. But the truth is that right now I am not happy, I'm stressed, I've spent an awful lot of time crying on busses recently, I don't really see any of my friends that much at the moment, and I never planned to stay here forever anyway. Once I got over the idea of my moving home as me failing somehow it just felt right, I felt so calm in the decision. Sure a part of me doesn't want to leave and I tear up at the thought of being so far away from all of the wonderful people currently in my life but this is the best decision for me.

As for this blog I also think that it could be good! I have lots of plans for when I'm back in my hometown and hopefully some opportunities to do some sustainability work on a national scale here in Wales (no promises but I like being optimistic). All around it just feels like a fresh start rather than going back to old things. I can find some aerial hoop and burlesque classes and join sustainability causes here in Cardiff, do the things I love but in a different way, well that's again the optimistic plan.

It's going to be a challenge not going back to old and unhealthy habits I had as a teenager though, which I think most people slip into when they go back to their childhood home. But I know how to look after my mental health now, I have the tools I just have to use them. I'm also going to miss living so close to the city, having to get a schreechy old train into Cardiff that only runs every two hours on a Sunday is also going to take some adjusting to but I'm sure I will cope.

Also this isn't forever, I'm planning on this being a year out (or maybe two) to reevaluate and decide what to do with my life, I might do a masters, I might go travelling, I may get a 9-5 and go live the adult life. There's a lot of possibilites so I'm holding onto that at the moment. Basically the world is my oyster so there is no point in staying in Nottingham just about scraping by and damaging my mental health when I can go back home and just chill out for a bit. I know I'm incredibly lucky to have this as a viable option so I'll make the most of it.

This is goodbye to Nottingham, I will miss you (mainly the people there) dearly but it is time to move forward and do something new. You will always have a place in my heart and I'll be up to visit I'm sure (friends give me lots of excuses to visit please thank you).

So here's to the future and trying to make the most of things here in Cardiff, and creating new content! If you have any sustainable places to visit here then drop your suggestions lovely people. Look forward to the next chapter.