My blog is three years old! How crazy is that?? Well it's not 3 until 29th March but still, three years I've been posting on here and it's now such a big part of my life. I take breaks from blogging every now and again for whatever reason but I always feel so much more at home when I'm working on something for this little space. I love photography, I like editing and I'ms tarting to enjoy writing too.
This year marks the first year I started making videos on my vlogging youtube, and I'm coming round to video editing though it is a looot of work it's also very rewarding when it's finally done.
This year has also been the year of starting to change hair colours and really embrace myself, the year of improved photography (well that's every year but even more so now) and yeah a lot has happened.
I started posting regularly for a good few months and then got a full time job which took over my life.
It doesn't feel like 3 years but it really does. I've learnt so much ujst from having this little thing and I don't know what I'd be doing right now without it (well as I write this back in March, as this post goes live I'm in Costa Rica which is crazy in itself).
So yea, as usual a bit thank you to the people that follow me and visit my blog and say hi every now and again, you're all lovely and some of you are so inspirational. You're all always so lovely to me and I appreciate that a lot.
Aaand as it's a blogiversary it's time for the yearly bloopers. these are actually getting less as I change my photography style and take less photos for each post. Partly because I put a lot of the goofy photos in my main post and partly because I take less blooper worthy pictures in the first place, a lot of them are just slightly wrong and they're not worth putting in this post.
But there are still enough! So onto me looking like an idiot. Links to the original posts are in the captions.
one of the hundreds of miss timed jumping shots

I appear to have become a chicken
Falling asleep? Sneezing?? 
Am I trying to look tough? I look like a toddler having a tantrum
Yeaah everyone is gunna be sporting this look soon
Ew what is that? It's big and bight and yellow, yeah we don't have that in Wales
Getting a fit of giggles whilst trying to look cool
More, slightly blurrier, giggles
yep this is totally how you put a coat on

What are you looking at? 
Because having no facial features is totally in right now
I do love these sets, not only can I laugh at myself (which is something I enjoy doing) I can also look back on all my older photos and see how much I've done and how far I've come and be a lil proud of myself too.
Some of them also show not just how I can look like an idiot making weird facial expressions but also how I set things wrong or time things wrong on my camera, which happens a lot, especially when working with flash because that's hard work.
Thank you guys again for being wonderful and supporting and inspirational year after year, bring on my fourth year of blogging!
Have a great week lovely people.
Thanks for reading!