A week ago I was looking for distractions and a bit of inspiration from the news that was all over the internet all the time, that's when I came across Eva Goes Thrifting's #isolatedwardrobechallenge. It was a welcome distraction and meant I could talk each day about clothes, my wardrobe and get out and take photos. made me feel like the fashion blogger I started out as again!

And so I thought I'd share my looks and my feels over here, because sometimes I miss being a fashion blogger! I also want to highlight (though you may already know) that there are lots of positive things like challenges you can get involved in online during this isolation time.

The links to each instagram posts are in the title of each day!

Day 1 - The Oldest item in your wardrobe
This could be taken two ways  so I decided to take it as the item I've owned the longest; this Red Dwarf t-shirt. I've had this in my wardrobe for probably about 8 years now, it's definitely seen better days but I still wear it on the regular.

Fun fact: if I was to go on mastermind my chosen tpoic would most likely be red dwarf season I-V, I've watched it again and again. And the books are some of the only books I've read more than once.

 Scroll down to see some amazing photos of 15 year old me wearing this t-shirt in one of my first ever ootd posts on this blog (when it wasn't about ethical fashion or sustainable living).

Outfit details:
Top - Old (from the very unethical Amazon)
Shirt - Sue Ryder Nottingham
Leggings - Banardos Charity Shop Nottingham.
Day 2- Something still with tags on
These are my favourite photos from the week, firstly because the outfit made my feel pretty fancy but also because the lighting was just *chef's kiss* which it was not for the rest of the week.

The item still with tags on is this corset, I bought it from an Oxfam charity shop when I was in Manchester back in summer and just hadn't got a chance to wear it yet. I would totally wear this on a night out, not that those are going to be happening for a while!

Outfit details
Bodysuit - White Rose Charity Shop
Corset - Oxfam Charity Shop Manchester
Jeans - Banardos Charity Shop Nottingham
Boots - Dr Marten
Day 3- An Outfit/item that makes you feel best
Now I didn't actually participate in this day of the instagram challenge, I spend the entire day in my dressing gown which did feel pretty good! But this outfit with my dungarees and this yellow shirt (sometimes also my denim dress and yellow shirt) always makes me feel good. Sometimes called my minion outfit by my friends.

This photo was taken years ago, but I still love this outfit. Ironically accompanying a post talking about green guilt!

Outfit Details:
Top - Urban Outfitters (Not Ethical, old)
Dungarees - Hand me down from my sister
Shoes - A gift

Day 4 - Something you got as a gift
I think this photo really shows the importance of good lighting when contrasted with the others! But that is not the point of this challenge so I digress. Day 4 was about something someone gifted you, and this lovely dinosaur dungaree dress was a gift from my lovely friend tunde.

As you can tell, big fan of yellow, and dinosaurs here. This dress has seen me through japan and I always feel good wearing it!

Outfit details:
Shirt - The Whitepepper (Don't think they're ethical?)
Dress - Wild Clothing
Boots - Second Hand

Day 5- Something you used to wear a lot, but haven't in a while
Oh my lovely green coat, it was worn almost every day for 4 years but now, not so much, has been replaced slightly by my denim jacket. I still love it though! And I'm tempted to put some form of padding/insulation in it so it's warmer and I have a chance to wear it more in the winter, who knows if that's possible though.

Picture from the vagina museum back in summer, I highly recommend visiting if you're in London!

Outfit Details
Coat - Kilo Vintage Sale
Jumper - Old
Shorts - Bazz Store (second hand)

This dress has seem me through a lot! My graduation, birthdays, and just days out where I want to feel fancy. I bought it second hand and really debated whether I wanted to spend the money on it but I am so glad I did. I don't wear many long dresses but this one makes me feel like a princess, plus with a turtleneck underneath it's comfy enough to wear anywhere.

I've since bought an almost identical dress with lace on the top half for when I want to feel fancy, because I only really wear this dress with stuff underneath

Outfit Details:
Dress - Wild Clothing (second hand)
Turtle neck - Old
Shoes - Sue Ryder Notthingham
The last day I lost the enthusiasm to go outside and set up my camera to take photos, it was taking up a lot of my day, plus it was kinda cold. But I was determined to finish this challenge and so I wore two items I absolutely love, but are definitely more appropriate for summer but I am looking forward to styling again as it gets warmer (hopefully this weekend!).

Outfit Details
Top - Hand me down from my Dad
Dress - Second hand

So that's it! I had a lot of fun doing this, even if I didn't quite have the inspiration every day to go out and take photos "properly". There are lots of ways to get involved in instagram challenges and I even have my own coming up for fashion revolution week (see below) so come and get involved!

I hope you enjoyed reading this post, as I very much enjoyed going back to being a fashion blogger for a bit. I will see you again on Monday for another rendition of Good News Monday. Until then!

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