Back in my last job I spent a lot of my time waking home in the dark, at first I hated it and just wanted to get from my train home as quickly as I could. But as time went on I got to appreciate the dark; how different everything looked; how much more my creativity would be working compared to walking home in the day.I got to love my walks home. I walked one of two routes and the one pictured below is the one that I didn't usually walk. It was longer and steeper but when trains didn't run to my usual station I ended up walking home this way.
Since doing my photography course back at the end of last year and doing my project on night time photography I've wanted an excuse to go out and experiment more with taking photos at night. And put that and seeing the night so much more beautifully than I did before and here we have this photo set. I just wanted to capture what I saw as the ordinary but beautiful and see what happened.
Each time I walked home I thought of a new thing that would make a good photo and how I would take it. And ok I didn't do all of them and not all worked out as planned (cars in the way, etc.) but it did work. 

Some of thephotos are quite rough, a little messy and not all of them match that well but it feels more real like that. Not everything on my walk home did match and it looked completely different depending on what mood I was in. When I was a little more anxious the streets seemed completely uninviting, everything felt eerie. But when I was more in awe of the night, especially when the stars were out everything seemed that much brighter.
They didn't exactly turn out as planned but I like that, some of them turned out better and a few pictures I didn't end up taking because quite frankly I didn't want to stand on creepy dimly lit steps with woods on one side taking photos.
Also it gave me a chance to practice my night photography which is always an experience, I just need to think of new ways to do it now.
Anyway that's it for this week, hope you enjoyed my photos, let me know what you think below.
Thanks for reading!