Hey hey hey, again pretty people. Hope you're enjoying your week as much as I'm sure I'm enjoying Costa Rica right now. Some weird photography is back (but only some) as it seems to have become my thing, I think less about how to look attractive or "glamorous" when taking photos and more of "haha this would look weird" or just cool and go with that.
Also I haven't changed my hair colour again, these are photos from back before I dyed by hair to "blonde" (when it went green). I mean my hair does quite well with bleaching but I don't think it would survive that. 
In today's look I'm actually wearing two of my favourite pieces of clothing, though while I was out with my camera I got asked if I was an ornithologist and this guy started asking my about woodpeckers which I don't really know anything about (I've seen a few and they're pretty but that's about it). I think he got that from the green corduroy dress and coat I was wearing but I would've been better off if he'd seen my dinosaur shirt (i.e. the best shirt in the world) and had started talking to me about dinosaurs. I know my stuff when it comes to dinosaurs. 

Shirt - The Whitepepper
Dress - Prettylittlething
Shoes - Linzi Shoes
 Talking about weird photography, i also have quite a few ideas for little photography projects, but I need to wait until I'm back in the UK for those. I have one that I shot recently coming up on the blog in a few weeks. I think it's always nice taking a break from photos of myself, well at least in the "fashion blogger" sense and looking at something else. It challenges my photography and makes me look at editing differently which I always love. Although some of the projects do involve pictures of myself agh I can't wait, but I have some world travelling to do which is equally exciting I think.
Oh and if you were wondering about the title it's sort of how I feel a lot of the time, I often go to new places, or familiar ones, and don't feel like anything is real it all just feels like a blur I'm not connected to. But the style of photography and art and all things creative I love are the surreal ones, so I guess it's just a mix of that. I didn't explain that very well I know, maybe I'll talk about it when my words are working better.
Anyway, sadly that's it for now, ntil next week.
Thanks for reading!