Hey pretty people. This is the first of my Paris posts! A bit late in the day... I mean I was editing and then lost track of time and had to go out and yeah, stuff happened, as it does.
This one is an ootd post taken just outside the Louvre (hence the title) which was super pretty and it was the first ootd photo set using my new lense and I'm super duper happy with it. The location and my new lense were super together I think. Though I did have some photos with some v strange faces.
My hair has gone this weird mix of colours, with blue and pruple and blonde and pink and grey in it and sometimes I love it (I mean other people seem to more than my pure purple) but I'm getting it bleached tomorrow and going back to blonde, sad times. Though that's so I can hopefully dye it all over again! So the purple stays and fades less weirdly than before, I'm counting on my sister coming home this weekend and being willing to dye my hair for me. I'll make a huge mess of it otherwise.
Paris was a lot of fun and once I've done the video diary I will add it to this post. I was going to have four Paris posts in a row but I'm probably going to have a Cardiff city guide in between so look out for that!
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Skirt - Vintage
Top (actually a dress) - H&M (Similar here)
Shirt - Topshop (Similar here)
Shoes - Glamorous (Similar here)
Agh this was such a pretty building. I love it, I'm going to need to find more magnificent buildings near me like this to take photos by soon. Paris was super cute though, the next post I have up should be about a cat cafe we visited (honestly the highlight of my trip) so look forward to that!
I'm going to go now because it's super late (almost half midnight) and I have to be up tomorrow to tidy and do some emails before going to get my hair done, which should take an age, and then taking pictures round Cardiff. Oh and then I have a piano lesson and I'm off out on a night out. It's all go tomorrow, let's hope I can recover before work the next day.
On another note, people keep calling my shoes sandals and saying I'm wearing sandals with socks. But they're closed toed and quite clearly brogues, right? Anyway that's it for now from me.

Thanks for reading!