Ok so I don't know I believe in fate, but if fate is real then it was fate we found this Cat Cafe in Paris (you can see my first Paris post here, third here and fourth here). As we were walking to out hotel on the first night (after 7 hours of travelling, yes, 7; and with only a 1 hour flight) we walked past and it made things that little bit better. Then it became the highlight of my trip, well one of them, I mean I love Museums and vegan burgers and monuments but I've dreamed of going to a cat cafe for a good few years now. Is that a bit sad?
I do have a Paris photo diary coming up but I had to have a post just for this. Though the lighting wasn't that great and so a lot of the photos were blurry. But I think I saved them with the editing, they're a different style than I intended but hey ho that's life.
The Cafe we went to was Les Café des Chats and there are 12 permanent cat residents there.
9 Rue Sedaine
11ème Arrondissement
Yeah there are a lot of pictures of cats in this post, that's basically the whole post, you've been warned.

 Only in Cat Cafés can you get ridiculous pictures of a cat sat with a glass of wine. So cute, so ridiculous.
I only had an orange juice while I was there, which wasn't the cheapest but I really didn't care. They had a vegan platter that looked pretty good and some other meat platters but the cats do try and steal the meat. One table had a meat platter and had six of the cats around them at once. Then the table next to us ordered a meat platter and I suddenly had three cats on me, not that I'm complaining.
On the table we moved to, the people before us had had some cakes and of course the cats loved the cream. I did try and get them to stop eating it but they wouldn't budge.
Paris is a little far to go just for a cat Cafe but if you're interested in one I know there's on in London, in Berlin and there are plenty in Japan (as that's where the trend started). And lucky for me there's one opening in North Wales soon so you may be seeing photos from that next year.
I do have two more Paris posts to come! Plus a video diary. But before that I will have a Cardiff city guide, well as long as I stop being ill soon and can actually get out and about and take some pictures.
I do actually have the names of all the cats, in case you were curious. My favourite was Zeus, the very fluffy grey one, as he was just super fluffy and lovely and came up and sat on our table just drinking out of a glass of water for a while. Very cute. And the people running the café were just lovely, we walked past a couple of times a day going to and from the nearest metro stop and there was usually a cat sleeping happily in the window.
That's it for now from me though, I hope you enjoyed this post as much as I enjoyed the cat Café (I don't think that's possible but you catch my drift).

Thanks for reading!