Sorry this post is waay over due, so much has happened recently I've been working and then in Paris (blog posts to come) so yeah, hi guys.
Greenman was a lot of fun, I was there on my 18th Birthday weekend and was a pretty good start to 18. I mean the first legal drink I bought had milk in it so  I couldn't actually drink it but apart from that it was a success. I saw Waxahatchee who were amazing and started off my birthday watcihng Hot Chip, also pretty good. Oh and I saw Public Broadcasting service who were amazing and some other amazing people. It was just great.
I did miss a lot of acts I really wanted to see though, mainly becasue I was very much hung over on Satuday, I met up with a  friend of mine and we sat under a tree in the rain and then decided to call it a night, neither of us were in the mood to party. So I regret that a bit.
But I made some new friends, discovered some new bands, got very muddy boots, ate some amazing vegan food, almost destroyed a lens and danced a lot. So all in all it was a pretty great weekend
Oh and prepare to see my photos get a lot better after this post as I have a new lens and I love love love it. I managed to almost break my old one at Greenman (it got condensation inside it) but it was ok in the end.

I also have my video diary down below so check that out!
I must admit that the greenman itself last year was prettier, and when it burnt there were fireworks coming out of it's eyes which were cool. But this year was still pretty awesome. All I've got to say is bring on next year! It ends the day before my 19th Birthday so that should be a laugh. 
I hope you're all having a lovely week, I'll see you guys soon with my Paris photos (and don't forget to check back for the video diary)!

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