Hey again guys, as I said in my last post there is an interruption in my posts from Paris to bring you this one. I may have mentioned earlier about doing a bigger set of alternative Cardiff guides so I guess this could be seen as the start of that. That will be in sections but this is just some things you could fill 24 hours in Cardiff with. I thought I would include some things a little more out of the ordinary than what you might see normally just because that's the side of Cardiff I see more. And it's what I want to show in my Alternative Cardiff guides
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The first picture is just an Aerial picture of Cardiff and the surrounding area, didn't really have any pictures of the whole of Cardiff and well, this is the whole of Cardiff, aha.
Photos are all mine, though I don't have as many as I'd like due to it being an awful day when I went to take them.

10am - A Morning at the Museum
Cardiff Museum
Cardiff Museum isn't the biggest so you don't need days and days to see the whole thing in London, but you could definitely end up staying all day. It has all sorts of exhibitions from Dinosaurs to early man to art and music.
Recently they had an exhibition on Chalkie Davies, a welsh music photographer, and even had gigs in the exhibition space which was super cool.
1pm - Lunch in Cardiff Bay
On a train to the Bay
Cardiff Bay has too many food places for me to tell you where to go for Lunch and it all depends on what you feel like eating. If like me you're a vegan there are plenty of restaurants with vegan menus. 
Just hop on a train at Queen Street or if you're lucky enough to have a sunny day in Cardiff then it's about a half an hour/ fourty minute walk into the Bay from Cardiff Centre.
Though 'm not telling you where to eat lunch I will say check out Fabulous Welsh Cakes for something after lunch and to try some traditional Welsh food.
3pm - Shopping in Cardiff Centre
Kelly's Records in Cardiff Market
You can't really come to a city like Cardiff and not shop. There are of course your standard high street stores but there's also a lot of vintage and quirky places to shop in Cardiff, I'll cover this more in my Alternative Cardiff guide to shopping, but I would recommend Castle Emporium, Jacob's Market and Cardiff Market. There's loads of cute little shops down in the arcades too.
Princes and Paupers in Castle Emporium
6pm - Dinner at Vegetarian Food Studio
If you like Indian food and you're a veggie or vegan (or even if not) I highly recommend Vegetarian Food Studio. I wasn't that much of a fan of Indian take out style food until I ate here, it's great. They have a restaurant you can sit in or you can order take out to pick up. They also do delivery on certain days.
I did have a friend who wasn't keen on us getting our food from there as he didn't want to eat a load of veggie food but now it's all he ever wants take out from.
9pm - St Fagans Ghost Walk
St Fagans during the day
Though a little outside Cardiff, if ghost tours are your kind of thing they're well worth getting to St fagans for, and it's only a twenty to thirty minute drive.St Fagans is a Welsh history museum and on the tour you can hear ghostlore and have a tour of St Fagans after dark.
 Nine pm is a rough estimate as tours have a set time to run between seven and ten. Alternatively you can chose a time and date to suit you and book a Private tour, though these are a lot more expensive. If you're interested there's more information here.
Early Morning - Sunrise over Cardiff Bay
View from Penarth Sea front.
Cardiff bay Barrage is a super beautiful place to view the sunrise, or alternatively you can go over to penarth and watch the sun rise over the beach and the Pier. Though fair warning that both of these can be very windy places to be so I'd check the weather before heading out in the morning. Or you might be in for a chilly one.
9am - Breakfast at Cosy Club
Now after spending a while watching and admiring the sunrise you'll probably have an appetite and Cosy cub is the perfect brunch place. They also have a pretty good vegan menu so in my book that's a plus.

And that's your 24 hours sorted! I mean I didn't put anything between the ghost walk and the sunrise because I mean I do like to sleep. But if you don't I mean there are things you can do.
I hope you enjoyed this post and found it helpful and if you are in Cardiff, or any other city then do check out Evenbrite, you can see what's on in your local area and create your own events on there too. Super useful.
Also I now realise I posted this too early, sorry to those who saw it before it was finished. I must've posted it without noticing.

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Thanks for reading!