Banana Loaf Cake

Monday, 16 February 2015

Banana loaf cake is a beautiful creation, Tesco do one that's both milk and soya free and I'm convinced it's been send from heaven just for me (jk, I'm not really a believer of an afterlife in that sense). But it is seriously amazing, I'm probably going to get sick of it soon though with the amount I'm eating. I can't do moderation when it comes to foods I really love I just eat and eat and eat them until I decide I'm sick of them. But at the moment I have so much love for Banana loaf cake (and because I had no other ideas) I title this post that.
It's been five days again, oops, I'm sorry guys! Almost six seeing as it's almost midnight. I did mean to post yesterday but I was quite hungover and tried. But there is good news, my Galaxy Chic eyeshadow palette arrived! So I should be making some youtube videos on Thursday! Woop woop! I mean I already have one filmed but that's going to wait until I have my other two planned ones it. It's such a beautiful palette but I'm going to have to get some proper primer tomorrow so I can get it looking super pigmented and sparkly on my lids. Fun times.

Crop top - Primark// Mesh Dress - Shoes - Kerol D.//
Lotus and Gem Rings - Chxrmed//

This ensemble is a slightly strange on in that I'm wearing a mesh dress underneath a crop top and on top of a bodycon skirt. But I like it, it works. Also I decided to stick rhinestones on my arm, I was going to go with them on my face but I didn't think it fit. I think that also works.
These shoes just make me want to jump, I was walking up some steps with a friend earlier and I kept jumping up to the next one and apparently looked really odd; no change there though.
I wore this outfit out on Valentine's day (well I had a Galentine's day at a friends as I'm not fussed on soppy lovey dovey stuff) and i got some odd looks, I was really disappointed though as the supermarket I went to no longer sells really cheap instant noodles, they're the best! I'll just have to stock up next time I'm in a larger one I guess. I ate way too much that night anyway, didn't really need instant flavoured noodles too.
Anyway, enough of me rambling, in a couple posts time  will probably do a review of the Galaxy Chic palette which I know so many people have done but I have been wanting this palette for forever. I might just do stills of the looks I make for the video. Who knows.
For now I am going to bed as I get this post in just before midnight (so it has been 5 days not six, hah!)
Thanks for reading!


  1. Lovely styling!!

  2. love the rings! so beautiful :)

  3. Haha, I love instant noodles, they're my savior when I'm too lazy to cook, which is always! :D Omg that gem ring is amazing, I want one so badly O_O The whole ensemble is spectacular, very original and the shoes are are so shiny they made me go OOOOH!!!

  4. Love your outfit, you look amazing. The rings are awesome :)

  5. Amen to Galentine's Day & banana cake! Just stumbled across your lovely blog, I'll be following from now on :) x

  6. very cool blog, love your style!

  7. Aha yeah it was definitely a good idea. Thank you! <3

  8. Agh they're great, unfortunately Kerol D have stopped selling them... kind of wanted them in gold too :')

  9. Yes they are! I don't know why I love the taste so much too.
    aha dooo it! get one, Chxrmed are pretty cheap and the rings I have from them haven't made my fingers green yet (which is very rare for good value rings).
    Thank you :)

  10. Oh man those boots are beautiful, and so's this blog and so are you :)

  11. Great photos! The rings are so cool x

  12. Pretty look dear, love your rings! :)

    Thank you for your comment!
    I am following you on Bloglovin, hope that you will follow back!

    Isa M., Tic Tac Living

  13. Great outfit! Love the jewelry and the silver boots. I love banana loafs and you definitely made me crave some. I also love cheap instant noodles and hope you find your favorites soon.


  14. That shoes is super cute!!:D

    Speaking of instant noodles, my country has the best instant noodle (It's called Indomie, you may ever heard of it) and........i could eat that things everyday....but nah, i don't want to die yet..:">

    Adventure of P-Chaaan!!

  15. Roxanne Hoare-Smith20 February 2015 at 17:08

    Wow those boots are amazing!

  16. Loving the combination of an all black outfit with that killer shoes <33
    Btw, I'm loving your blog! xx
    Have a nice weekend!

  17. Those shoes are so rad! Hoping you had an enjoyable Galentine's Day, hehe.

    xo, Isabelle

  18. Great outfit! I love the skirt and the boots!

    Obsessed Fashion Blog

  19. These photos are so gorgeous <3 love your outfit too - genius layering!


  20. Awesome pics and look! Totally love it and the boots are fabulous!

    ♘ ♘

  21. Love the atmosphere!! these photos are amazing! :)

    Nice blog!

    following you via GFC, follow me back?



  22. These shoes are amazing, so wild! Loving your style :)

    Emma at


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