Hey hey pretty people. How's your day going? I've been listening to a lot of midlake recently, which is where the title is from. They're really chilled out folk (apart form one album where they sound exactly like The Flaming Lips) and it jut makes me wanna find a little tree stump in the forest to chill out on in the sun. Which is sort of what I did here but it was a little cold... and getting dark, but that's not the point! Especially as I'm very pleased with how the pictures turned out. I felt like I was in Where the Wild Things Are. Though I managed to make a whole in my tights sitting on that log and hit myself with a stick a couple of times. There are some hilarious shots of my throwing and attempting to catch a stick on my camera, but you might have to wait until my yearly bloopers poach in march for that.
I've kept to my promise to myself to include more photos and now I'm trying to go on a minimum of ten photos per outfit post. Nearly had nine here as it always seems to happen that there's one photo (no matter how much you check) that you've forgotten to save one! And then I have to go back onto the other computer with photoshop on and re-edit one of the photos.
You may also have noticed I now have read-mores on my posts. I realised how slowly my blog was opening and with more photos this would only get worse so I thought I'd end up putting more posts on each post but if people want to view the post they can click through.

Jumper - Urban Outfitters// Skirt - Missguided// Boots - Doc Marten// Choker - Extreme Largeness// 
I actually really love this skirt. I need to get more floral and more purple in my wardrobe. The colours of this are just amazing. I have a crop that I also got from missguided which is sort of similar, but a red/orange colour and I don't really have anything in my wardrobe that goes, so I'll have to see about that one.
Also, on the topic of my last blog post. I've discovered an identity called demigirl, which fits me perfectly, as most of the time I identify as female but sometimes I'm like "no gender please go away" sort of thing. It fits, for now so I'm cool with that at the moment.
Half term next week (much needed) which should mean I have plenty of time to go out and take photos, just need the outfits to go with that and hope that it doesn't rain! But for now I will be off. if you want updates more often on my life and my photos and other stuff I'm doing then feel free to follow my other social networks and stuff!
Thanks for reading!