Monday, 12 October 2015

Grey and Blue

Hey again pretty people. Sorry for the late post I have been so super busy this week! It's been photography pretty much non stop. I just haven't had the chance to edit my blog posts. also don't help that I jsut got Civilization Beyond Earth but yanno, lets pretend that's not a factor.
I've been volunteering at Cardiff's Diffusion Festival for the last week and going to some of the events and it's been super fun, plus I've had my photography course and I've been working on photos from that (which I will show you in my next post probably) so it's all go.
The title was just because I have no creativity tonight apparently. And this is the first post with me and my grey hair so it seemed like a good idea?


Monday, 5 October 2015

A Weekend in Paris photo diary

Hello hello hello, the final instalment of my Paris posts is finally here! It took a while to get here and honestly this post could've easily been split into four or five posts but I have other things planned that I'm excited to post so here's just a super jam packed photo post (there are almost 50 pictures and a video in this, aren't you lucky).
Before I go onto talk more about this post and Paris I shall link you to my previous Paris posts there is the first outfit post, Cat Cafe and a second outfit post if you haven't already seen those.
There are a few things I do want to talk about from Paris (which I did write down so I wouldn't forget) like the really strange announcement sounds. In the Airport it sounded like someone was being ascended to heaven and in the train stations it sounded like the start of Soulja Boy.
Also if you get a transport pass, like a 3 or 5 day one (they make things so much easier... theoretically) don't keep them near your phone! Don't! We weren't told this to start with and Anna had to change their ticket like 5 times, it was a nightmare and meant at one station we couldn't even get out. So just a warning there, you don't want to have to try and change your ticket loads, especially when you've already been travelling for 5 hours.
All in all though Paris was beautiful as expected and a lot of fun. We did mainly chliche tourist stuff but that was fun. Though Paris is pretty difficult to navigate because every building looks the same, it's all white and all pretty but all the freaking same and bigger than I was excpeting. I've been to London quite a lot and that is big but I know it reasonably well so it seems ok (plus different areas look very different so you know where you are).
But anyway, onto the photos. Speak to you more after them. The photos are in order of my trip, so it does end on a Cemetary, bit weird but that's just how the trip happened.


Sunday, 27 September 2015

Eiffe Tower High

Hello hello hello! As promised I'm back with another Paris post, this time with the all important ootd post in front of the Eiffel tower. Well not just in front as there were waaay too many people there. In this cute little side street, shame about all the parked cars though. 
Another post with my weird mix of colour hair too, it was a bit of a mess really. My hair is actually currently grey, in case you were interested. 
People were of course walking up this street adn looking at me strangely but I've started to get used to that and embrace it a bit, a nice bit of progress.
Oh and if you want to see my other Paris posts there is an ootd post here, a Cat Cafe post here and a photo diary post here, enjoy!

Thursday, 24 September 2015

What to do with 24 Hours in Cardiff

Hey again guys, as I said in my last post there is an interruption in my posts from Paris to bring you this one. I may have mentioned earlier about doing a bigger set of alternative Cardiff guides so I guess this could be seen as the start of that. That will be in sections but this is just some things you could fill 24 hours in Cardiff with. I thought I would include some things a little more out of the ordinary than what you might see normally just because that's the side of Cardiff I see more. And it's what I want to show in my Alternative Cardiff guides
Also if you are in Cardiff and want to see if there are any events on then check out Eventbrite.
The first picture is just an Aerial picture of Cardiff and the surrounding area, didn't really have any pictures of the whole of Cardiff and well, this is the whole of Cardiff, aha.
Photos are all mine, though I don't have as many as I'd like due to it being an awful day when I went to take them.


Sunday, 20 September 2015

A Cat Cafe in Paris

Ok so I don't know I believe in fate, but if fate is real then it was fate we found this Cat Cafe in Paris (you can see my first Paris post here, third here and fourth here). As we were walking to out hotel on the first night (after 7 hours of travelling, yes, 7; and with only a 1 hour flight) we walked past and it made things that little bit better. Then it became the highlight of my trip, well one of them, I mean I love Museums and vegan burgers and monuments but I've dreamed of going to a cat cafe for a good few years now. Is that a bit sad?
I do have a Paris photo diary coming up but I had to have a post just for this. Though the lighting wasn't that great and so a lot of the photos were blurry. But I think I saved them with the editing, they're a different style than I intended but hey ho that's life.
The Cafe we went to was Les Café des Chats and there are 12 permanent cat residents there.
9 Rue Sedaine
11ème Arrondissement
Yeah there are a lot of pictures of cats in this post, that's basically the whole post, you've been warned.
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