Monday, 23 November 2015

Double Denim

Hey hey pretty people! It's finally been sunny, and I am so happy. Though today was grey I have hope that it won't be like that for the next 3 weeks. I mean it could well be but one sunny day is always means for a bit of hope for better weather.
Oh and it was such a beautiful one, the perfect crisp wintery day, with beautiful light all day from the low fun, that turquoise cloudless sky and a slightly biting cold. I went out and cycled around bit to find this spot by the sea to take photos and it was a perfectly chilled out. Pun not intended there. Lets just hope there are more days like this, it's the type of winter I love.

Friday, 20 November 2015

Monochrome it

Hey hey hey, how's it going? Another night shoot, this time in a familiar location. I've said before how I light to go back to the same location in different seasons as they tend to look completely different and I guess the same can be said for day and night.
These photos didn't turn out at all like I expected but then again I don't know what I expected. They turned out better anyhow, I initially wasn't sure I like this look but I like it in the photos so it's a strange one really.
The past day has been clear, finally after about 3 weeks I have seen clear skies! It was beautiful, lots of grey weather really does make you appreciate how beautiful the sky is without clouds covering it. I mean clouds are pretty, except when they're just a white or grey mass covering the sky, that isn't so nice. I mean I'm hoping it stays like this for a little while but as I live in Wales there really is no guarantee.

Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Everything looks different in the dark

Hey lovelies, this was supposed to be an outfit post but well... it. Won't. Stop. Raining. I mean I know I live in Wales but it's been about 3 weeks now and I haven't seen the sun for more than an hour. I planned to take my next outfit photos in the dark and well that didn't happen because of all this wind and rain! Hopefully I'll be able to get out in the next few days, maybe it'll calm down.
I have been waiting for a chance to use these photos though for a while. As part of my photography course for my final project I'm doing a night photography project and these are some of the test shots/experimentations I've done for it. Some have just been out and about in the dark whereas others were from a night photography ramble as part of Diffusion Festival. I mean I still need to take more pictures for my final project but wanted to share these too because I think they're pretty cool, they were all taken in the pitch black (well with the exception of street lights and such) and some of the colours are pretty cool.


Saturday, 14 November 2015

Gemstone Green Freshlook Colourblends Lenses Review

Hi snazzy cats (ok trying a new greeting, not sure that one works) how's it going? Back with a slightly different post one I haven't done in over two years, coloured contact lenses! I haven't actually used coloured contacts since then so this was an experience, but I am going to wear them out this time, last time trying to get them in was too traumatic for me to try again for a while. I like to think I've improved in many ways since my last post (I mean you can see my old lense review here), but you can make your own decisions there.
So yeah lense review, some green lenses, I mean I always wanted green eyes as a kid, from Coloured Lenses UK who were kind enough to send them to me for review. The lenses are from their Freshlook Colourblends collection which has some pretty cool colours in.


Wednesday, 11 November 2015

And now I don't care anymore

Ok so I just listened all the way through Grimes' new album and I'm in love, well I knew I would be but still. it's so chill and quite different to her other albums. Just gutted that I'm in Belize when she's in the Uk (but I'll be in Belize so I can't really complain).
Also the location for these pictures isn't the best. I went here before and it was better but as soon as I got my camera out it pissed down. So I went back and the leaves had gone all mushy and gross from being walked on (it's that lovely time of year).
Buut I did just really want to show you guys this shirt (and get another post out on time). I've wanted something cow print for so long! Mainly because of the irony in the fact I'm allergic to milk but I also love the pattern, and asymmetrical shirts are my favourite. I've honestly worn this very outfit about 4 times in the last week.
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