Hey guys, it's been a while... again. I just have so much to do and now it seems no time at tall to do it in. it's the last term before exam season now so the work is kind of on and I am finding it hard to find time to blog and such. But I will still find time, I am determined. Plus I have been ill which has not helped the situation, damn you cold!
So yes I am here today with a post for you. I went out on my long board the other week for the first time in over a year (oops) and realised how unfit I am (double oops) well the chest pain and shortness of breath I blame of asthma brought on my a chest infection but I ave nothing to blame for the fact my legs killed the next day... and I really didn't skate that far at all. Though it definitely did make me realise how much I've missed it. I just need to find some time and some sunny days to skate and take pics, and get fitter.
Oh and the title is from Lionheart by Of Monsters of Men. A mutual of mine on tumblr kindly made me a playlist based on forget me nots (the flower) and that was on there and I fell in love a little.

 Shirt - Vintage// Crop - Primark// Skirt - Urban Outfitters// Boots - Car Boot Sale//
Another thing I did last week which I haven/t done in ages it that I went shopping, I got a shirt in Urban outfitters that was reduced from around £45 to £5 and then a vintage skirt in CFQ for £5. I'm a bargain hunter me. Not quite as good as this shirt though which I stole off my dad, I mean he had it when he was in uni in the mid 80s so I think he's had enough wear out of it.
Also whilst shopping I spent a lot of money on Soap&Glory skincare. Which smells amazing and I'm not allergic to and makes my face feel super clean. So I am v happy with that. I also bought a vegan blueberry brioche from a market stall which was the yummiest thing ever. 
I need to go into town more often, not even to spend too much just to chill. Though I should be going shopping in Bristol with my Dad soon and I'm going up to Manchester to see my sister and do shopping this time next month... I'm very sorry bank balance but to be fair you haven't been touched all year until now.
Another little happy thing, the days are getting so so so much lighter! I mean the sunsets are so pretty but they're getting later too and I am so happy spring is arriving. I just wish it would either hurry up and snow or get warmer, I mean it did snow yesterday for a bit but it had just rained so none of it settled... sad times. Oh well, summer will be soon upon us and my year of travelling and doing what I want with my hair and my body and everything else will begin so I am very much looking forward to that. 
Anyway that's it from me for now have a good week! I should be back soon, I'm going to post at least weekly from now until the end of exams I hope, so I'll probably see you very soon (or if you want updates sooner feel free to follow my other social networks).
Thanks for reading!