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Saturday, 10 January 2015

Hey pretty people, how has your week been? Mine has actually been surprisingly productive and I'm getting stuff done, though my motivation has started lagging a bit I'm going to get back onto work tomorrow. Recently fell in love with Hozier, I mean I listened to Take Me To Church a while ago but only just listened to his other stuff and it's all so beautiful. Especially Eden which my title is from.
I froze so much trying to take these photos today, when i first went out it didn't seem too bad but then it was so windy where I was taking photos and by the end of it my hands were completely numb... ooops. It was worth it though,
Coat - Topshop// Dress (worn as top)- Motel// Skirt - Hidden fashion//  

Bought this skirt on amazon, and then found out the seller was a website called hidden fashion where everything is £5 or less, will be buying there again soon. It's a very nice quality skirt. I was expecting it to be the same material as all my other pvc skirts which are quite stiff and not that versatile but this is thinner and a  lot more flexible. Also very much in love with this coat, I am a fan of long coats now I have decided, you can walk along feeling so powerful, it's magical.
My next post will probably be some photography of some kind but I haven't decided what yet, I have a few sets I've done recently and loads of photos still from my Italy trip but I don't know which to post.
Anyways I hope you enjoyed this post.
Thanks for reading!


  1. Adore the skirt, you look amazing :)

  2. so chic!

  3. omg literally just found your blog and I must say i'm obsessed with it!! such good writing and outfits, absolutely adore!

  4. Nice pictures very particular look!

  5. Amazing, love your coat and necklaces! <3


  6. Good post! I love the photo where you going away <3

  7. Totally stunning, I am in love with that skirt :D


  8. I find it so hard to take pictures in winter when the weather isn't nice, but what can you do? Got to battle through it because in the end you get amazing shots like these!

    infinity of fashion// Lucy Jane

  9. I love the pattern of the skirt and the shape. It's gorgeous :)

  10. Love the photos!

  11. I love this outfit. That skirt sounds so amazing. I thought it would be stiff since I've seen similar ones before.

  12. Whoa, 5$ for this gorgeous skirt? Ka-ching! Will definitely have a look there! O_O
    Love this outfit, hope you didn't freeze too much! Sometimes when I take photos for the blog, I can't feel my limbs :D


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