Photography experiments (well mine at least) never really go to plan, and this set is not exception. I planned to do a set with lots of different rhinestone "designs" and I had a vision of how my photos would turn out and this wasn't it. That's not to say I''m not happy with them, I definitely  am and it's taught some lessons. Like how long it takes to glue rhinestones on; a long time. Also, how hard it is to take photos in a badly set up studio in a tiny space with a camera (I was using my Dad's because my flash was playing up) that has no live view; very difficult.  But hey difficulties like this will help me improve my photography a lot more than if it was easy, at least I like to think, so I'm grateful for them really.
Whilst I was editing these I  was going through a lot of them going "no that's not good enough" "no that's not flattering enough" and after a while I questioned "well why?" and realised it wasn't because I personally disliked them or thought they were ugly, but because I thought they weren't "pretty" or "flattering" enough for readers. But then I realised, I don't exist to be beautiful or conventionally attractive, so fuck that I'll use the photos I want to use without worrying about whether other people find them ugly. That's not to say I think I'm ugly in them, I don't. I just think some of them aren't the prettiest faces I've ever pulled, they're not from the most flattering angles and basically they're just not conventionally attractive photos. But why does that matter? This is my space and I'll post what I want, I think I still look pretty cool; who cares whether society in general thinks it's pretty.
I mean I'm very unsure about the editing on a few but it's photography/editing experiments and that's exactly what I've done so mission accomplished I think. Speech over, onto photos:
 Definitely will try something like this again, though I am happy with the photos I think I could do better, and get more that I love (like the first and last one). Let me know what you think of this little set.
Also, on a completely different note, I've been thinking of starting a YouTube for a while now but I don't know what I want to do for my first video. I'm thinking it's going to be sort of a fashion, science, beauty and positivity videos with other bits sprinkled in. I love doing so many things and thinking of something to do for my first video is not easy. So what would you guys like to see my do (if anything)? Maybe a science topic you'd like to know more about? Or some sort of body image thing you think should be more talked about? Who knows, I don't, which is why I'm asking you to be honest.
Also, if you send me a lovely email or something about my blog and my response is a bit crap, I apologise. I've had a few recently and I've just sat behind my screen with a gigantic grin on my face, but I have no idea how to thank people as sometimes I feel like I'm coming across patronisingly. I'm honestly so grateful and if all you get from me is "thank you thank you thank you!" then it's probably because I'm lost for any other words and I don't think any words I could come up with would show my appreciation enough.
Anyways, until next time, thanks for reading!