Not too confident with these photos, but that's kind of why I'm posting them. I think it's mostly because of how I look and how my face looks in them. I've tried to edit them a  couple of times and failed miserably so moved onto something else to post. But because I feel a little self councious about how I look and because it was a challenge to edit (which I don't think turned out too bad) I've set a challenge to myself to post them and try to keep them up. It's not as if they're not up to quality of a lot of stuff I post (though a lot is higher quality, granted). I don't know, I've been struggling a little with self image recently and it's all well posting photos like the last post where I am feeling confident and do look great but sometimes you need to post stuff you're not so confident on. It's mostly just in my head anyway.
Enough of that rambling though, onto the post itself.
Scarf - Primark// Tops - Lazy Oaf @ Thunder Egg// Jacket and Shorts - ASDA// Shoes - Car boot//

Looking at this post now I am actually like "yes, I'm glad I went though editing this and I'm posting it because it has worked out". sometimes you have to push past barriers and keep going I guess. I meant to post this a couple of hours ago but I was drawing, which distracted me from editing and now it's distracting me as I write this, once I start something I just want to keep drawing. 
My new year is going quite productively (well today has and I'm taking that as how I want the rest of the year to go), I hope all of your first weeks of the years are going well.
Also thank you lovely readers, my last post made the most views my blog has had in a day ever. I mean that isn't a massive number but it's a pretty big thing for me. This little blog is getting a bit bigger now and I'm very happy. As much as I blog for the photography and loving that it's very nice to see people like my stuff and are actually looking at it too. I really am rambling now, This has turned out deep, oopsies. Deep me, sat here in my giraffe pyjamas, it's a really strange image I know. And no I won't show you my giraffe pyjamas because they're really not very flattering, but they're super comfy so great for lounging around in. How did I even get onto this? I'm gunna go before I start getting weird.
Hopefully I'll have some better things to say next time? I don't even know I'm going to go back to drawing now, hope you're all having a lovely week and good luck to those (like me) who are back at school and stuff. 
Thanks for reading!