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Saturday, 28 June 2014

Hey guys, I'm actually getting on the whole regular updates thing and it's working, woo. Somehow I'm still super super busy but I'm managing to find the time to blog. Once school is over I should be able to relax though. The title is from Porter Robinson's Lionhearted, I'm seriously obsessed, one of my favourite bloggers Eugenie from Feral Creature is in it and it's just such a cool video. 
I'm not sure what I think of this outfit today, I made the top not a halter and just wanted to put an outfit on and take photos straight away. Usually my last minute spontaneous outfits turn out or I don't wear them out but I wasn't sure about this and I'm still not. There we go, life if full of uncertainties.

Shirt - Asda// Top - DIY// Skirt - New Look// Boots - Primark// Flower Crown - Topshop//
So that it that, I think I'm liking it more as I look at it. In other news I have a party tonight and I have absolutely no idea what to wear. It's nice to be doing something though because I've been away the last two weekends and I'm thinking I might ust sleep all next weekend 


  1. Woaaaah I love your top! The whole outfit is so cute :D Enjoy your night and weekend!! ♥

  2. You're actually one of my favorite fashion bloggers! NO LIE!

  3. eeee I love that new porter song, so good. *-* also your totoro shirt is <3


  4. i love it ! so pretty and i love the way u edit photos , they have such a mystery feeling to them if that makes any sense :) xxx

  5. i really like the outfit and your eyeliner/makeup is flawless!

  6. That flower crown is amazing. You look like a dream in these photos <3

  7. The flower head piece is SO gorgeous! WANT! ;) And the jacket is mega cute as well:) xx

  8. Lovely <3 amazing blog, I love your style, i follow you on GFC and Bloglovin for more post ;)
    Saskia! xo


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