Hey guys, as promised I'm doing more frequent uploads. I'm actually on work experience t the moment, at my Dad's office. But he has nothing for me to do so I'm just blogging and watching anime. I don't even really need to be here (the forms are all ticked off to say I'm doing it) but for some reason my Mum feels that I have to come in and do stuff. But it's not too bad because I can just focus on my blog for three days and see how that goes, plus I'm right near the city centre so I think I'll probably go shopping a bit.
I also have more exciting pictures because I'm trying to play around a bit. These are from Sunday, I went with a friend to the Record fair and ended up at another friend's house playing Viva Piñata for a couple of hours. Then on the way home went to a church yard (it's sort of a park) to take pictures. I got almost everything I'm wearing today from Manchester on the weekend, because of course when you get new clothes you have to wear them immediately.
The title is because I feel like a teenage dirt bag in this outfit. Super comfy though I'm still not sure about the low waisted skirt, I much prefer wearing high waisted things.

Shirt - Rowfers @ Afflecks Palace // Skirt - Sister's// T- Shirt - Panic Posters @ Afflecks Palace// Boots - Car Boot//
Really sad I didn't get a chance to get a picture of my badge. It's from a Bill Bailey convert and says 'I ain't gonna be your Bitch" I love it. And all together this outfit cost a grand total of £32, I love it when I find bargains... and free stuff from my sister. Thanks for reading and I hope you liked my something a bit different photos.