I really struggled for a title for this post. I'm just not in that kind of mood, this last week of school has put me in a foul mood because it has to have been one of the most boring weeks of my life and I have to say I hate Welsh Bac with a passion. But we got today off, thank god. These photos are from the week before last, I was in work experience at my Dad's work and decided to go out into Cardiff and take some photos. I tried something a bit different with the angles for these photos but my facial expressions weren't quite on parr so I don't have as many photos as I'd like to for this post. The title is actually from a Daughter, I'm going to Greenman this year and they're playing and excited isn't even the word. 
This weekend I'm going to have a lazy one I think, do some sewing, go out and take some photos. The usual.

Jacket - Asda// Dress - Thunder Egg @ Afflecks Palace// Necklace - D.I.Y// Socks - Topshop//
I was going to take outfit pictures today actually, but then it started raining. I was meaning to go out for lunch with some friends too but I appear to have a bug and my muscles feel like jelly at the moment. It's all right though because I've been meaning to have a quiet weekend for a while.
In other news, I appear to have a date (I think it's a date) on Monday. I met a guy at a party... all my friends seem to think it's pretty funny that I seem to have found another guy; it was a bit of a shock and still is. I guess I'll see how it goes; I'm teaching him how to longboard. That could be interesting. 
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Thanks for reading!