Makeup Review - Seventeen Stay Pout in Rule Breaker.

Monday, 9 December 2013

So I haven't done a makeup review in a long while, but I always enjoy doing them so I thought I'd give it another go! Plus I haven't bought a lipstick in a long time, I never though they suited me as when I was little all I had were my Mum's brown shades, and they didn't suite me. But I'm finally on the lipstick bandwagon and happy to be here, now to start my collection...
Stay Pout, get it... haha. Well I liked the pun! It's supposed to be a long lasting lipstick and for it's price of £4.49 it does stay pretty well! You can get it (and all the other colours of Stay Pout) here.
"Stay Pout is the longwear lip colour with stain you need , for hours of kiss proof colour!!"
Well that's what the boots website says about this lipstick it's not that kiss proof (some comes off, some stays) but it does last a while. I accidentally went to bed with it on and it was still on my lips in the morning, not as vibrantly as I had put it on but it was a nice pinky stained colour.
It was a lot sharper than this when I bought it, but Tom decided to put the lid back on it without putting the lipstick back down first -.- but it survived and it's still usable.
It's a really nice dark autumnal shade and it's really my colour, but it's not quite like this when on the lips.
Ta dah! As you can see it's quite a lot redder, and very vibrant. 

Before and after.
Colour 5/5: I really love this colour on me and think it'll probably suit a lot of people, it's a very now colour.
Aplication 4/5: Nice creamy texture but once you miss it's very hard to correct but it is a Long lasting lipstick.
Value for Money 5/5: Only £4.49 for a lipstick like this, I kind of want to buy them all, but I might just uy a few more of these ones...
Stay Power 4.5/5: It lasts a long time, but not vibrantly, it stays more as a stain after a while but I think that adding something over the top the keep it there would work magic.

Overall 4.5/5: great value for money and great colour, but my problem is you can't make a mistake! it just stains your skin and it's really hard to get off, I found using makeup wipes was alright but still not perfect. But I'd deffo recommend this lipstick and this colour!

Hope you found this review helpful, I plan to do more in the future, in the meantime I'm gonna try and grab Lizzie sometime this week to take an outfit picture or two for this week!


  1. I adore that color and it looks so lovely on you!

  2. Goodness this colour looks so stunning on you lovely, real hollywood glamour!

  3. Such a gorgeous colour you have lipstick perfect lips.

  4. lovely color. i wish i could pull off a vampy lip! Thanks for the review xoxo

    1. Thanks, and Im sure you could pull some kind of vampy look off <3

  5. stunning lip color! great review :)

  6. Oh very cute lipstick!
    Now I´m following you in GFC and Bloglovin´
    I hope your follow me back in both!

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    1. Aw thank you, I shall look on your blog now <3

      Cute to the Fashion

  7. I absolutely love that color! So pretty! I really want this lipstick now :)

    The Girly Gamer

    1. Aw thank you, you sould get it ;) <3

  8. Lovely blog!!
    Can we follow each other via gfc g+ and bloglovin?

  9. Great review! I love how you rate them out of 5 - fabulous idea!


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