If any of you guys follow my instagram you would've seen I said I was going christmas shopping, but I had a bit of a stress out and decided that was a bad idea and so ordered some off amazon instead (and only one is probably going to be late but Tom can wait for one of his gifts). But I thought I'd do something productive with my day (as well as going to Ikea and not getting what I needed as it was sold out) so I went to go take some pictures, I mean I'd gotten ready to do something.

I took them myself and it's the first time I've done that, think they went quite well though. It was very eerie today though, it was windy and very very quiet and a bit creepy. I didn't stay out taking photos for long though because I got the creeps a bit :L. 

Trying to incorporate all the music I can into this post, the title is from Temple of Love by The Sisters Of Mercy. The 8 minute extended edition is perfect. 

But enough of me blabbing, on with the show.

Shirt - Urban Outfitters// Badges and Top - Panic Posters @ Afflacks Palace// Jeans - Grin @ Afflecks Palace// Shoes - Debenhams//
I really like how these turned out, very eerie, kind of horror movie ish. That's how I felt taking them though, today has been interesting. I'm gonna do a review on the lipstick I'm wearing in these photos soon because I love it but not before I post some photos from winter wonderland (thought there won't be many because it rained...).

Hope you liked this post because I did enjoy taking them, I'll take some more of my own photos next time.