This photo is from about a week ago, probably a little longer. I'm procrastinating bit time now with a maths mock tomorrow and a physics one on Thursday... whoops. But I felt the need to post again. My brain was going 'post, post, post, post' and so I had to. I wasn't very happy with the backdrop of these posts so I tried to add textures but I really didn't have the patience for it. They looked alright but then I just thought I'd post them normally edited. Chemistry exam today went alright but I can't say the same for tomorrow and thursday I don't think. Oh well, they're only mocks afterall.

Right, onto what you're here for!

Collar - Topshop// Crop Top - BDG @ Topshop// Skirt - ARK// Socks - Unknown// Coat - Mango// Boots - Primark//

This coat is the nicest thing in the world, it's lined like a duvet and it's so warm and fuzzy. Plus you can take the lining out and wear it in the summer too!
Might use this last photo as my page photo for facebook. Tom was just playing around with the camera but the shot actually turned out really well. Woop de woop.
Aaanyway I should probably get to revising now, hope you're all having a lovely week. Until next time :*