Introducing JuicyCanvas!

Friday, 29 November 2013

JuicyCanvas is a platform that allows you to choose from 100s of designs, customise them and have them printed. On a tote bag, phone case, t shirt, canvas hoodie of even baby grow! 
Right now JuicyCanvas are looking for backers to get it's business going. But by backing their company you are also buying yourself  their products, and you get them before anyone else!
Click here to go and purchase.

So you can go to their website and have a play around yourself, look through all the deigns (there are a lot) and customise. There's a LOT you can do and I spent about an hour just going through and looking at all the illustrations. You can really get something that is completely YOU.

I played around for a while earlier and this is one of the designs I came up with, it would look really pretty on canvas but I think it's a pretty cool t shirt design too.

Below is their promotional video where you can learn more about JuicyCanvas for yourself:

Each design is fully customisable so you can get your unique designed t shirts. Great for gifts and more.

JuicyCanvas earlier this week started their Indegogo page to help kick-start their business, where you can back them and get yourself an early-bird ticket for a product of your choice.
They're not only looking for backers but designers and artists so if you think you can help contribute to their already 200 artist strong gallery then you can do that there too.

Aaand if you order this weekend because of Black Friday you can get offers on all their products and free shipping!
Head over to their indegogo page to buy their products or you can go to their website and have a go at customising some of their designs. Even if you don't plan to buy anything the design thing is surprisingly fun (and it kills time for procrastinatinators like me).

Also take a look at JuicyCanvas' other social media to learn more about them:


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    1. Aww thank you, well I didn't create it just changes some colours. JuicyCanvas have a lot of gorgeous illustrations <3

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