These photos are from about a week and a half ago now. I got back into making sure I took photos for my blog then and I'm actually really glad I took these photos in the dark because I think the outfit suits the dark... even thought you can't see all of it.

Although when we were taking photos (it was only like half 5 or so) some guy came outside of his house in his pjamas and gave us a death stare which was uncalled for, he could have just asked us to move. I'm wearing two things Tom has gotten me that I never get the chance to wear! He always gets me green jewellery and I don't have many green clothes but in outfits like this I think a little colour makes the outfit.

 Rather stressed out about mock exams next week so I'm blogging to destress myself... totally not procrastinating...oops.

Crop Top - Urban Outfitters// Skirt - New Look @ Debenhams// Shoes - Bronx @ Shuch// Necklace and Circlet - Gifts// Inflatable Bag - Ebay//
Love this sad smiley face top. I wear it to school a lot because it shows my inner feelings about school (especially triple chemistry or physics days -_-). Anyway hope your week is going well, we're nearly half way through! Until the next post, where I should be intorducing you guys to Juicy Canvas.