It's the second edition of Good News Monday!

Hello lovely isolated people, I hope you're all doing well, I'm currently on week three of being in some form of quarantine or lockdown and I'm going back and forth between "yep this is the new normal, fine, cool" and "Someone let me outside!". But it's all good, and yet again I'm bringing you some nice, virus free, and good news stories to brighten up your day.

I got onto my first choice masters course!
Ok so this isn't world news or anything, but this is my blog, so next year I will be studying a masters in Renewable Energy! I'm very excited to be going back to studying and learning and also hopefully starting my career in the near future. Who knows when universities will start next year but I'll be there when they do.

Oceans can be restored to former glory in 30 years, says scientists
Good news for wildlife lovers, scientists say there could be a "wildlife renaissance" in 2050. Though the measures to do this would cost billions of dollars a year, it could benefit the world economy by up to 10 times as much (though of course it's worth the money without that). This just shows we can change things for the better but we need to take radical action. Now.

Pink Supermoon in the UK This week
On Tuesday and through to Wednesday a lovely pink supermoon will be visible here in the UK,  at its best at a nice and early 3:35am. Sadly it won't actually be pink, that's just its name, but it will appear orange when low in the sky. So make sure to look up, and get your telescope out it you have one, this Tuesday night.

The Week in Wildlife - In Pictures
From Goats on the streets of Llandudno, to beautiful black chameleons, and birds making the most of floods this article has some wonderful images of animals living their lives and definitely something to take your out of your isolation zone for a bit,
A group of white mountain goats walk in front of shops in the town centre of Llandudno
image: Christopher Furlong 
Astrophysics Signal Does what the LHC cannot: Constrain Quantum Gravity and String Theory
This article may be a difficult read if you don't have some sort of basis in physics  but new research, looking at photos emitted from pulsars. has basically constrained  quantum theories of gravity. This backs the theory that the laws of physics are the same everywhere at all times and we don't have to rethink physics... yet.

NASA unveils plan for Artemis 'base camp' on the moon beyond 2024
Another great bit of news for space lovers, NASA plans to move on from the space station and have astronauts living on the moon. With the first landing in 2024 and the ongoing project serving as moon exploration and a practice for future mars missions.

Jacqueline Wilson reveals publicly that she is gay
Beloved childhood author has revealed she has been living "very happily" with her partner Trish for 18 years now. Apparently their partnership is not new to those who know her but after writing a new gay love story (Love Frankie) she decided to come out. As someone who read a lot of Jacqueline Wilson as a kid this warms my heart and I wish her continued happiness, also can't wait to read that book (it comes out in August).

And that's it! I hope you've enjoyed this week's addition to Good News Monday, I'll see you on Thursday for some Craftivism. Have a lovely week!

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