My boyfriend was kind enough to take photos of my outfit today so I can finally make my first 'proper' outfit post, though each picture is edited slightly differently (dunno what I was doing) so the colours are a little different in each. Oh well.
So this was my outfit, sort of thing I wear most days, quite simple, a lot of black.
Shirt - H&M // Top - Amazon // Skirt - Topshop (at Debenhams)// Socks - Topshop // Shoes -Bronx @ Shuch //

 I decided to paint my nails all nebulaish but it kind of failed (and Tom didn't seem to be able to get them in focus) but I guess practice makes perfect... just like my editing skills.
My Smeg Head T-shirt is definitely worn out, I used to wear it a lot because it's comfy and it has colours that some of my other t shirts don't have so it matches with the shirt nicely (I usualy wear the t shirt and shirt together) I guess soon I'll have to buy a new top *sigh* oh well I guess good things come to an end and we can replace them with new things :D (Deep I know)

I do like how all the flowers and pots (and my mother's lovely frogs/lizards) match my outfit, very well thought out Izzy...

Have a bonus picture! I actually really like this one.
Thanks for reading, have a nice day!