~This post was sponsored by noissue~
If you've followed me for a little while you know that I am a huge advocate for fun and colourful eco products. I mean it's a huge part of my brand. Sustainable living has a bad reputation of being very... beige and minimal. And while there's nothing wrong with this minimal look it's definitely not for everyone, including me, and so I leap for joy every time that I see an eco company doing something this colourful and fun. So when I got the opportunity to partner with noissue for this post I was like a very happy bunny!

What does Noissue do so well?

Fully Customisable
Noissue sent me some of their own funky designs to photograph for this post, but you can completely customise all their products to fit your brand. Customised packaging can really make a brand stand out. If you need some inspiration they have hundreds of pictures of the most beautiful designs over on their blog. So whether you're a small artist sending out prints or a gardening supplies business you can get packing perfect for you.
noissue packaging art by - Emilie Ferris | Viktorija IllustrationEva Stalinski | 

Accessible for Small Businesses
Unlike a lot of big packaging companies, noissue has low minimums and so even for businesses just getting started, there's not barrier to sustainable packaging. Easily order samples to try out, and with clear upfront costs noissue pride themselves at helping small businesses.

Wide Product Range
It's not just mailers and tissue paper that noissue provide but they also sell eco tape and stickers, I am a sucker for really cool patterned tape but I do not have a use for like 50m of eco tape so I'll leave it to the business owners...

Soy Based Inks
Most conventional ink is made from petroleum, so oil(and natural gas, it's a loose term), which we all know is really not an environmental way to go about making products. But noissue make their inks from soy which not only means they're not funding the fossil fuel industry with their inks but also means they're more easily recyclable due to being plant based.

FSC Certification
The Forest Stewardship Council work to create ethical and sustainable forestry across the world. They certify over 180 million hectares of forest worldwide for use in making paper, furniture and more! Though this certification is not perfect, due to issues with using virgin wood and supply chains, they are still arguably one of the best forest certification projects in the world.

Home Compostable
Conventionally, packaging is made of plastic, worst still, most of this plastic isn't even recyclable. And even a lot of the packaging that isn't made of plastic is sealed with plastic based tape, stickers, or other items that make it hard to recycle. So companies are starting to turn to bioplastics. I have talked before about how biodegradable plastics aren't the miracle plastic cure that a lot of people seem to think they are. First of all because reusable items are generally a solution that should be looked at before making more one use items, and secondly because a lot of "biodegradable" plastics are a bunch of greenwashing, end up producing microplastics, and may places don't have the waste streams to deal with them.

But noissue's compostable mailers are completely plant based and home compostable meaning that even if your local recycling plant doesn't take composting you can still put it in your home compost bin and they'll happily decompose. And even if you don't have a waste stream to deal with compostable materials it is much better that this compostable plant based packaging ends up in landfill than more and more plastic.

Tree Planting
With their eco packaging alliance noissue plant trees with every purchase! Just a little extra step in making their business as eco as they can.
I'm using them myself!
I've recently opened a depop shop to sell some of my old clothes, and all items are either going to be sent in packing I am reusing or noissue's lovely compostable mailers. So if you want to help my old clothes live a new life then head over to my depop now. Sadly I don't have any funky tissue paper or stickers that are The Quirky Environmentalist branded... but maybe one day.

So if you're a business looking to make your packacing more eco friendly, what are you waiting for? Whatever business you own, eco-packacing is one way to make your business more planet friendly. So head over to noissue and check them out!