It feels like it's been so long since I've done an outfit post, I mean it has! It's just been so so cold up in Nottingham and I've been ill and doing so much work that whenever I think about doing an outfit post I seem to be in bed way too cosy and warm to want to brave the cold for photos. But here I am again and it feels wonderful!

I give so much less of a shit these days. I used to hide behind my camera every time someone walked past me but now I'm here twirling around in front of my camera as people walk their dogs past me and ask me what I'm doing. It's weird the things you just get used to.
Cardigan - Cow Vintage
Bodysuit c/o Brag Vintage
Trousers - Charity Shop
Boots - Second Hand

Today's look is 100% second hand (apart from my belt oops), with shoes from a Recycling shop in Hong Kong, Trousers a fiver from a charity shop, the best cardigan in the world from Cow and bodysuit kindly gifted by Brag Vintage.

I love shopping second hand and vintage, it's ethical that's affordable, environmentally friendly, and unique. Though I love and promote amazing ethical brands on this site and do sometimes buy from them, it's not often financially viable for me. But with vintage it's usually on budget, you're stopping clothing from ending up in landfill, and not contributing to buying new fast fashion, plus you get something no one else has.

I just love the colours of vintage clothing, take this cardigan, and the bodysuit here, they're the sort of colours that aren't really in a lot of modern fashion and I love them! My mum hates this cardigan but at some point earlier this year I basically lived in it. And I'm so happy I got this bodysuit because it matches!!! Amazing stuff, I definitely have go to colours in my wardrobe; I'm very guilty of buying pretty much anything forest green.

So yes, if you're looking at going ethical on a budget definitely go vintage, it can be so much fun shopping in vintage shops because you find some serious gems.  Other times you find the ugliest dress and try it on just for the hell of seeing how bad it looks on you, but that's all part of the fun of second hand fashion. And on the subject of shopping vintage, if you're in Sheffield then you'll be pleased (I hope) to know that Brag Vintage are opening their shop in the new year so you can shop their stuff in person.

Also if you're interested more in going ethical on a budget I am working on a guide to ethical on a budget which will be sort of a freebie for joining my mailing list, which I'm also working on. So stay tuned for that stuff! I could be a while before I have it ready because uni is kicking my ass and taking up an awful lot of time, but that stuff is on the cards in the relatively near future. So feel free to join my mailing list at the bottom of the page to see that stuff as soon as it does happen.

It's good to be back to outfit posts, I'll hopefully be back with some soon. I hope everyone is having wonderful holidays whatever you are celebrating!