Christmas gift guides are everywhere, and currently I'm working on my £10 present limit (thank you to my family for having this) to try and find gifts for my whole family. I'm not going to like I ofter scour charity shops for cool books, and joke presents my family would enjoy. And I often get charity presents for my mum's birthday too. But I am also looking online to try and find gifts from ethical stores and so I thought I would show you some of them today.

I didn't want to categorise these by gender or by family member, as every family member is different, so I've just done by like "clothes lover", "beauty lover", "gaget lover", hopefully that's helpful. I have a "for the vegan" section just for the fun of  it but all of the items on this list should be vegan! Read along for all your ethical holiday needs. There's a lot here, it was quite a lot of fun to make.

I also have some ethically made christmas cards, wrapping paper, etc towards the end so you can wrap more conciously (gosh that was horribly cheesy)

There weren't as many as I was planning due to this taking a lot longer than I anticipated but I did try and find items you don't always see on ethical gift lists to hopefully give you guys something a bit different. It's quite close to christmas now but maybe you can find items for future birthdays etc.
For the Traveller

Gifts to Pamper With

For the Gadget lover

For the Music Lover

Personally on this list I love the SPAMP, it's a guitar amplifier and distorter you can attach to your belt, made of a SPAM tin, amazing!

Gifts for Kids

Gifts for Babies

A Little Bit Quirky

Could it really be a gift guide by me without something a little bit quirky?

Christmas Cards

Christmas Jumpers

I hope this list was of some use to you and your Christmas shopping, I had to admit that I haven't even started mine yet (better get round to that). But that's it for now from this gift guide, if I don't post again before Christmas I hope everyone has a wonderful one!