It's that time of the month again! Where we reflect on a past month with the aid of all my film photos from said month. This time it's May, oh what a month, and another month where I took a ridiculous amount of  photos. Yeah I took over 60 so apologises if this post takes a little while to load.

I thought this tree I saw from the bus home was pretty af
Last Japanese lesson of the year, sad times
Kadija doesn't know how to eat
Twin Kidd were amazing
I can't remember the name of this band? But they didn't stop playing for like an hour, amazing.
Student life
Proof we actually did some revision
Glitter and friends
Just after Amira laughed too hard and spat her beer everywhere
Amazing raspberry beer and a game we couldn't figure out how to play
Fire juggler, outside a goth pub

Soaking up the sun outside the flat, we totally didn't get 101 weird looks
This ice cream always seems to want to wake me up when I'm taking a nap
Revision is taking over mess
I heard a bang and talked into the bathroom to find this...
I don't miss this view, at all.
A pretty alleyway
Basket full of rubbish??
Train home
Of course it starts raining as soon as we get to Wales
A day out with the rents
Building the new BBC
Is Medusa ok?
The side of Cardiff Castle looking pretty
It looks like a small torture chamber but was just at the back of an exhibition space...
Blurry lunch stop
I liked these stairs
More Building Work
Free bread?? 
 A very dreary day at the Pier

Train station bike stop
The park closest to my house is getting replaced, a lot happened here from first time sledding to  almost break-ups
The only thing left of our old blockbusters
More proof I actually did revision
Uni got a new vegan range and I am very much in love
Housemate babes
Graveyard flowers
This is honestly the prettiest tree I've seen in real life
I'm sure the cooker is a great place to keep flowers
blurry revision babes
happy revision babes!
this bag was at the bus stop, idk why
Tunde trying to revise
Amira getting excited about daisies, not excited about photos
the naked tree!
Amira made us daisy chain flower crowns
The tram fell off the tracks and was there all day
when you have an exam the next day? Run through a fountain

Picnic babe
Everything you need, home made stir fry, mushrooms, cashews, and wine
Boot cider
I don't think they wanted their photo taken...
So May, a busy and wonderful month which would've been perfect if it weren't for exams and revision. The weather twas wonderful, i saw friends and family. Beauties. Also got locked in a park but that was quite fun.

Good things from May:
-A ridiculous amount of great nights out
- some cute picnice too
- got through 3 exams
- finished my Japanese course
- went to Diffusion 2017
- saw some great live music
- worked hard
- discovered a new pub
- it was ridiculously sunny!
- and there were flowers out everywhere
- my uni got a new range of vegan food

So that's may, looking forward to seeing what July has to offer me and to seeing my film shots from June again (it's always exciting because I can never remember what I look). And I am ever grateful for that wonderful May.