When you realise that you haven't done your bodysuit up for the photos and you're stood on a main road... so you "hide" behind a lamppost to do it up. The glamorous look of not actually caring.

Dress - Vintage from Wild Clothing (Similar, Similar, similar)
Turtle Neck Body - Old (Similar, Similar)
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I've definitely reached a point where, most of the time, where I couldn't give a crap about what people walking past think of me taking my outfit photos. While taking these photos one car full of guys rolled their windows down and started wolf whistling and though I did think that was gross I just laughed the grossness off and carried on, their misogyny wasn't going to put a dampener on my day. In another car a guy did start rolling his window down but I think the unimpressed look on my face made him roll it right back up again.
It was once a thing I was terrified of but now I've jumped out of my comfort zone I feel very free and much happier with myself.
It did also help, in this instance, that I had a friend with me this time who kept being like "Yes queen, work it" as I spun around on this busy road in front of my camera, half of my pictures are just me giggling at her encouragement.
I'm getting to a point of finding more confidence in a lot of aspects. I am still not confident writing for other people, or with exams, and with a lot of aspects of this site and my work for other people I second guess myself an awful lot. But it's all improving, I'm doing new things and stepping out of my comfort zone so some insecurities I didn't even know I had are bound to crop up and sneak out. And I'm taking a few scary steps at the moment but I know it'll help me grow immensely.

But in terms of going out and taking photos in front of strangers who are never even going to see this site, couldn't care less. They can stare, or laugh, or whatever and they may get an unimpressed look from me but it's not going to put a dampener on the fact that I am in a cute outfit skipping around taking photos, something that always brings me joy.
Onto this dress though, I found it in Wild Clothing which is this super cool shop in Nottingham, and it was vintage and perfect, honestly I've never been  fan of maxi dresses being super short they never fit but this one I just pull up under the folded bit and hey presto it's short enough. And in one of my favourite colours ever. I've also taken to wearing a body suit under basically everything recently and I'm loving that. Need to find one that isn't so uncomfortable around the fixture though, that's not so fun.
So yes, lots of scary but growth educing things happening at the moment, from improving my writing and writing for other people, to uni exams, to booking holidays and festivals, to a re-launch of this blog, happening at the moment. It's all exciting and i can't wait to see what happens but I am also a little bit terrified too. Onward and upwards though.