Hoi An, Oh Hoi An is such a beautiful city. I honestly felt like I'd stepped into a Studio Ghibli movie as soon as I stepped into the walls of the old city, watching boats on the river and feeling like there were going to be spirits walking off them any moment. It's a fair tale city that is somehow real.

Hoi An is a city of lanterns, they lit up the city in every corner in the dark. Over every street were strings of tiny ones in every colour, people selling tea lights ready to be sent down the river were lit up by the flickering candles, and store fronts shone out in every colour.
Usually I see the good and the bad in a place but there isn't much about the Old Town in Hoi An I can think that's bad, it is mesmerising. The town outside of it isn't the most beautiful place but I can't say I pay that much attention too it, I was in a dreamy haze.
Ok there were 1001 other tourists everywhere but seeing a convoy of Korean old men being cycled through town, all waving and saying hello, just made me grin from ear to ear. And by the time I'd gotten to Hoi An I was more than used to the odd obnoxious traveller who thought that the world owed them something.
The only unfortunate thing was the suit I got tailored, she didn't seem to understand the idea of a Unisex cut and I got a women's tailored blazer instead of the straight cut one for the suit of my dreams. But I still had an amazing experience having a suit tailored and ready for me in 24 hours, plus trousers that I love, and I will try it again, just while trying to be more specific about exactly how I want it.
Oh and there was the sleeper train we took to get to Hoi An, yeah I wouldn't' repeat that in a hurry but we did make it.

 And the highlight? Well other than being in one of the most beautiful places I've ever seen, learning to make Vietnamese rice noodles with an organisation called Oodles of noodles who I will talk about more in my next travel post. As well as exploring the old Chinese town, visit temples, and learning some history. I was in a piece of my very own heaven.
I'll leave this post with less words and more pictures because I think they speak for me.
Oh Hoi An I love you.