February seems like so long ago now that we're 20 days into March but after my second month of taking these photos every day on my little camera I have definitely decided to stick with it. I like the retrospective look at a month almost a month later it makes me grateful for whatever happened. Not only that but film photography is actually ridiculously addictive, I love giving my film in and waiting to see what photos came out and then scanning them all in and having a look. There's something just so warm and rewarding about the process and you get that fuzzy nostalgic feeling about things that only happened a month ago. 
So in this we have two different disposable cameras and you can definitely see the difference, the grain on the second camera is immense but that's because it had 800iso film in and does mean that a lot lot more of my photos came out as oppose to January where half of them didn't! I got 22 out of 28 days of February and though one or two of them were probably missing becuae I actually forgot to take a photo that day it's not a bad track record.
And though I feel like I need think my photos out more for this project rather than going "shit haven't got one for that what can I take?" I kind of like how raw they are and some are a little bit shit, it's nice. I guess it's my way of rejecting the crisp, clean, perfectly lit standard that a lot of bloggers seem to set these days.
I have a love hate relationship with this door.
Ended up at a friends for about three hours more than planned, the bus times went back and forth between 9 and 10 minutes for about 20 but it was a good day.
Picture of my bed sheets and laptop signifying a lazy day in bed
A sleepy friend, we ate Nando's, watched Bee and Puppycat, and then fell asleep watching Rocky Horror
Getting frustrating at coding, I'm not a fan of coding.
New Compact = Selfie time
Not very clear picture, but I went on a night out that I don't really remember and split my lip open. (Alcohol is bad kids)
Smashed up car outside a friend's house. Couldn't work out whether it was smashed then parked r smashed while parked. Guess we'll never know.
A picture showing my amazingly coordinated socks. Should've used flash really
A maths lecture, not a fan of matrices
Went to get my January film developed and elan lots about compact cameras.
Graveyard picture on the day of love, my Valentine's day consisted of two trips to the doctor and a nap.
A very bad picture of friends in a Seminar.
Japanese class go for Korean food, I ate waay too much but no regrets.
Walked back home trough the graveyard for the first time, much easier going down hill.
Being back home means a double bed, a decent shower, and a room that isn't the size of a cupboard. Was a good weekend.
A dreary day where I went to the beach for outfit photos and only got one because of the torrential rain.
A very blurry picture of my trip into uni
Shrove Tuesday, one of the best days of the year. And Jay had a compact camera too!

So that's it for the Febuary pictures, more pictures of friends and more pcitures that actually came out. i'd call that a success. And onto some good things that happened on the shortest month of the year:
- Took my first set of outfit photos out in public with people around.
- Ate 6 pancakes and then some on Pancake day
- Got a 2:1 on a coding project I was very very worried about
- Vlogged! For the first time in 2017
-Went to an awesome free gig
- had plenty of great times with friends
-Got my first roll of film developed!

February was definitely a good month, a happy month. Here's to the rest of March being good!
How was your February?
Thanks for reading!